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Angel Rengell, sculptor, painter and exceptional drawer, studies and purifies his lines until they reach their clearest expression; his nudes are a declared exaltation of te physical wish.-Eroticism is part of his complete philosophy.-His drawings establish a conception of skillfully represented lines, employing all expressive possibilities.

The seductive influence of the moon is a staple for his pearly feminine nudes in his paintings, drawings, or sculptures.- He adeptly combines the classical perfection of the form with his in-depth figure studies. An erotic perfume reigns in every one of his works, thanks to those attractive forms full of expression, motion, intensity, and carnal reality. As for his masculine nudes, they show great character, motion, expressive emotion, and they convince us of his profound knowledge of anatomy.

As a painter, his creations are beautiful, with a good understanding of color, thanks to his experience in drawing, and the balance he finds between truth and ideal. He cultivates the landscape and still lives with great sensuality. His portraits are executed both in painting and in sculpture, maintaining the freshness of a Greek bronze sculpture; his models are filled with beauty, expression, and energy.

As a sculptor, he begins with artworks of high-quality religious character, based on aesthetic ideals and spiritual balance. The physical beauty is amplified in the material world with grace, sweetness, and majesty. At the heart of his vision, an aesthetic ideal flows between the architectural and the monumental. He also simultaneously works on other sculptural creations based on the nude as well as on drawings that speak in an erotic language. A great sculptor of nudes and aesthete, this tireless artist is a designer too, beginning an important movement in Europe. 

Angel Rengell & Luccia Lignan Official Website

Angel Rengell & Luccia Lignan co uk

Angel Rengell Sculptor


© Angel Rengell

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I like your style.Shame I cant open your website here to see more of your work.
HI !!! What a joy to meet you here ! :)
For us, is a Great Honor to have you as a Friend.

Strong Hug.