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A long time ago :iconangeloflight22:AngelofLight22 0 0
Kirby :D by AngelofLight22 Kirby :D :iconangeloflight22:AngelofLight22 1 0 Persona 4 Yu and chie by AngelofLight22 Persona 4 Yu and chie :iconangeloflight22:AngelofLight22 9 4
Mah work :iconlinkmeowplz:
Enjoy it or not I don't mind~:iconheartrollplz:


Red Strings of Fate (Reader/Demyx)
Miyux obnoxiously hummed the theme song from the television show,'Jeopardy', while circling around the group of girls like an animal on the prowl. Getting to the end of her little hummed tune, she lifted her finger dramatically and then poked you on the head.
"I'm putting my money on you. How about you go and choose from my goodie bag of fate, (y/n)!"
You blinked a few times and looked up from your place, criss-crossed on the floor. "My turn, already? If you say so!" You replied and stood up on your two feet. Miyux shoved the white bag in front of your face while grinning.
"Gimme a hand, please." She joked and you rolled your (e/c) eyes with a smile. Stuffing your hand into the bag, you attempted to touch everything in the bag, to get a feel for everything. Feeling something rough with many grooves, you pulled the medium sized object out of the bag. Having the object out of the bag, your eyes shined in delight as you saw a gorgeous bright shiny yellow and pink conch shell. 
"Wow t
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 101 30
Red Strings of Fate (Reader/Zexion)
Yawning and stretching, you stare in boredom at Miyux as she sits there having a staring contest with one of the other random girls around you. You sigh heavily and finally had enough of waiting on Miyux to stop doing… nothing. "Are we going to play or what, Miyux?"
Miyux broke from her stare at the sound of your voice speaking up amongst the crowd. The girl she had been staring down, grins in triumph while Miyux pouts and looks over at you. "You just made me lose, (y/n). Now your punishment is to go and pick from the bag… I call rematch." Miyux told you before glancing back at the girl, who apparently she didn't want to lose against. 
Sighing you stand up and walk over to the table with the bags left on the surface of it. "Make sure you're not peeking- SHIT. I lost again. Rrrr, you know what…" Miyux trailed off in a growl and glared the girl that stuck her tongue out at her for losing to her again. Stomping over to you, Miyux huffs and points to the white bag. "
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 134 30
Wet Locks | Josuke Higashikata
"We should tee-pee Okuyasu's house."
Those words were musical --poetic even. The very suggestion was not only appropriate considering the holiday, but the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Josuke was just beginning to feel the onset of boredom when you made the comment. Within an exchanged glance, you and Josuke tossed the plastic controllers and scrambled to gather toilet paper.
Pranks weren't usually something the two of you pulled, but on Halloween how could you resist? Too old to beg for candy, and too poor to buy a costume of any sort, creating a papery mess was the next best option. Who else to pull it on than Okuyasu, who had turned down the invitation for late night gaming and horror movie marathons with the two of you?
(In all honesty, Rohan was your first thought, but that man had the senses of a hawk. Okuyasu was a safer bet.)
The chilled, late Autumn air froze your lungs the instant you ventured out. Not a soul could be found, only your and Josuke's footsteps marked t
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 79 13
The Teller of Hearts Pt. 2 by Ratsukorr The Teller of Hearts Pt. 2 :iconratsukorr:Ratsukorr 3 3 Amane Nishiki Chibi by Ratsukorr Amane Nishiki Chibi :iconratsukorr:Ratsukorr 22 3 ~Utsukushii~ by Ratsukorr ~Utsukushii~ :iconratsukorr:Ratsukorr 19 1 ~.:. Amane Nishiki .:.~ by Ratsukorr ~.:. Amane Nishiki .:.~ :iconratsukorr:Ratsukorr 17 6
Jumpscares (Kaminari Denki x Fem!Reader)|Adult AU
Another lazy Saturday brought about the usual routine for a pair of young heros. You sat on your second-hand couch with a phone in one hand while the other was occupied by the shockingly soft locs on Kaminari’s head, which rested comfortably in your lap. Said blond was equally as distracted by the smartphone he held above his face, thoughtlessly fiddling with the charms of the black and yellow bracelet on your wrist beside his head. With his ankle planted on the knee of his propped up leg, Kaminari found himself tapping his foot in the air to the melody emanating from your lips that mimicked the ad on your phone.
Always in sync, the two of you met each other’s eyes upon realizing the happenstance, both immediately letting out a chuckle before returning the play on your respective phones. The sounds of auto-played videos and video games filled the otherwise silent apartment spared, for the most part, of Kaminari’s gaudy room decor. Though distracted, he made sure to nu
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 44 2
Unusual Errands (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)
Warning: Strong language because it is Bakugou after all.
"Huh? Idiot! I'm not fucking doing that," Bakugou yelled at you through his phone, getting a few offended looks from passersby.
"Please, Katsuki! It's really important! I don't know what I'll do if you don't," you whined back, a pained groan following your pleading words. Bakugou could hear the rustle of blankets through the phone as you re-adjusted your nest. "It'll only be this one time! Please! This is my time of need! And you're my boyfriend!"
"And? That doesn't mean I have to get you shit when you're on your period. Can't you do that yourself?" Bad move, he realized a second too late.
"...Huh??? Katsuki, do you want to die? I ask you to do one little favor as a good boyfriend and that's your answer? Hmm?" Your voice had gone low, angry, and Bakugou ran a hand through his hair for forgetting how sensitive you were during your period. Before he could say something to soothe you, your sniffles reac
:iconlordsister:LordSister 260 39
Josuke Higashikata X Reader: Relax
    “MOTHER FUCKER!” Josuke screamed, kicking through his own front door and storming down the hall.
    “Josuke! What the hell has gotten into you?!” Tomoko scolded, quite startled by the slam of her son’s entry to the house.
    He gave no response and continued up the stairs to his room, a nasty scowl on his face as he muttered profanities, slamming his bedroom door behind him. Tomoko was quite surprised to see such an angry expression on Josuke, still staring down the hall where he disappeared, audible pacing being heard from the upper floors where his room was. Her expression now one of extreme concern, Tomoko immediately marched over to the phone and dialed a number with lightning speed.
    “Hello? _______, I need your help.” Tomoko spoke quickly into the receiver, the number she called belonging to you.
    “Ms. Higashikata? What’s got you so worried?
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 133 24
Doodle|Vrisku: AION Character by Rosewaltz Doodle|Vrisku: AION Character :iconrosewaltz:Rosewaltz 7 6
Rose | Tamaki Suoh x Reader
    Day by day, Tamaki couldn’t help but stare at the girl in the garden. Of course, you never noticed him with your nose buried so deeply into your novel. Perhaps you didn’t notice him, but he definitely noticed you. You intrigued him in a sort of way. A piqued interest of his that he just couldn’t ignore.
    He could tell you had never attended the Host Club before. In any other circumstance, he would’ve felt hurt by that. After all, what girl could possibly ignore the charms that the king of the Host Club had to offer. But now? If anything, it just made him grow even more curious about you. It wasn’t often that a girl would pass him up for something else - and certainly not for a book.
    The following day, Tamaki found you in your usual spot on the bench. He couldn’t help but smile as your hand was quick to put a loose strand of your (H/L), (H/C)
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 81 23
Hanging on to You. Kaoru x Reader x Hikaru
Fandom: Ouran HighSchool Host Club
Word Count: 1,940 (without AN.)
Estimated reading time: 8 minutes
There may be swearing.
I do not own any characters from Ouran HighSchool Host Club they belong to their creators
Author’s Note:
I needed some fluffy twins. And this has been on my mind for a bit. Reader-chan is female, who had her parents pass away last year. She is putting herself through college and struggling. So the twins dad, offers to take care of her, she refused. So he offered her to be a live in maid, because he was close friends with her father. She accepts only because she hasn’t been able to find a job that works with her going to college. That’s all I had in my mind and thus this was born. I also wanted this to be a bit shorter, so sorry if it seems rushed at all.
Also, this a entry for Words-Of-Fate 500 watcher contest. She’s an amazing writing and a sweet person. Go check her out and if you like her stuff, watch her. She&
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 122 31
BittyBones Meek Again by akatsuki-girl-4-life BittyBones Meek Again :iconakatsuki-girl-4-life:akatsuki-girl-4-life 11 0 [Overwatch] Male Butts by ohnips [Overwatch] Male Butts :iconohnips:ohnips 1,496 149 Tenebrae by akatsuki-girl-4-life Tenebrae :iconakatsuki-girl-4-life:akatsuki-girl-4-life 4 1
o3o :iconpikachulaplz:
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Which Final Fantasy VII Protagonist Are You?
Which Final Fantasy VII Protagonist Are You?
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Which Final Fantasy VII Protagonist Are You?
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