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Sasuke Level 6 Curser Pack

I was not satisfied with the "Level 3" version so I created this version some time ago.
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topmost the eyes , very pretty
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Its a good animation, however you seem to have just copied the same animated cursor 15 times?
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alternate, forbidden, handwriting, normal, precision and text use the exakt same animation with different ini cursers, background is running @ twice the speed and buy @ twice of that while help is running @ half the speed. Shortcut is not rotating but wiggling due it uses some of the previous animations frames.
move is a comcletely new animation where no rotation is involved tihs animation is partially used by diagonal1 & 2 and horizontal & vertical but with different frames on each type of animation.

I didn't wanted to create a unique animation for each curser I just wanted to make a cool looking curser pack where no two cursers are exact copies of each other so there's no guessing about which curser shown at the moment. I used this curser pack for a long time until I was told to change it (I'm using my notebook in school and my classmates were distracted by the cursor xD) but during that time they were as familiar to me as the windows standart cursers where before which means goal accomplished.

oh and sry for the wall of text