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.::Shoujo Brushes For GIMP::.

Here are the shoujo brushes I made for PS to GIMP! :hug:
I'm sorry I couldn't make the shapes that were
included in the PS version! :(
I hope you enjoy these brushes here~ :glomp:
Thank you for viewing my work and supporting me! :aww:
I'm glad to inspire people! :giggle:
© 2010 - 2021 AngelMiyoko
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cool, thank you so much!!
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Hey it's not a problem!! :iconaawplz: :iconloveloveplz:
Thanks for liking it!! :iconmuahplz:
I'm glad that these are still useful to some people!! :hug:
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thanks!! this is such a great help :happybounce: 
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I really like these. Actually, I used some of them a while back here:…

Sorry it had taken me so long to send the link. :(
AngelMiyoko's avatar
That is okay sweetheart no problem okay???? :O
I am glad to see your work now!! : D :iconaawplz: :iconloveloveplz:
Thanks for sending it to me! :iconmuahplz:
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I love these!! I actually had them before my computer crashed and was looking to download them again. Nice job.
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Thanks so much dear!! :iconloveloveplz:
That is nice to hear!!! :iconhuggieplz:
You're too kind!!
I also have some others resources posted too!
Thanks for supporting my art! :blowkiss:
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wow what an amazing collection :) thank you so much!
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Awww, thanks so much dear!! : D :iconaawplz:
I try to help others with my work!! :iconhuggieplz:
I have some other resources posted too!! :iconaawplz: :iconloveloveplz:
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Awww, I shall check out the picture, thanks so much dear. : D :hug: :aww:
I'm glad that it was useful to you, I always like helping other artists. :glomp: :blowkiss:
Thank you again. :hug:
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do they all paint black? o.o and not other colors?
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you can change the colors :9
Beautiful job! Thanks! :)
flower-in-torn-jeans's avatar
very nice! how do i get them on my gimp though?
do you use winrar?
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Amazing! I'm definately downloading this! Great job =)
Chivi-chivik's avatar
Do you have them for PS? I'd like to use them :(
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