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Kala Rahu

By angelmarthy
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and this is the complete story :

When the demon Kala Rahu stole the water of immortality from the gods, the sun and the moon saw him. When they told Vishnu, he sent a lightning bolt to cut off Kala Rahu's head. Kala Rahu was just about to drink the elixir when he was cut in two. He had the water in his mouth. So his head became immortal and his body died. Now he chases the sun and the moon, and when he catches them he eats them. But he has no body and when he swallows, they just come out again and get away. The Balinese bang pots and pans during a solar eclipse to frighten Kala Rahu.
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Your painting is impressive. Thank you!!
I've used it to illustrate astika Parva, from the Mahabharata, which I'm translating into Spanish. This is the link:


Of course, I've linked the picture to your profile. I hope you don't mind!!
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Glad that you like it. Please have it credited with my name too : "I Made Marthana Yusa."
by the way, the link you've provided is not work,please give me the right link. Thanks
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Dear friend, please, try again the link. It's working.
Regarding your name, is it "I Made Marthana Yusa" as you wrote? I'm a bit elemental and I don't think I got you right.
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Hi :aww: Yup, now the link is working :w00t:. It's an interesting article, friend. Yes, 'I Made Marthana Yusa' is a Balinese traditional name. 'I' is a sign of a male name, the opposite is 'Ni' refers to female. 'Made' is from 'Madya' means the second born child. 'Marthana' is a given name, and 'Yusa' is my father name :aww: Please write my name as Angelmarthy (I Made Marthana Yusa):aww:
Thank you very much :D

Glad that you wrote the most epic Itihasa, Mahabharata. I have another art related to Mahabharata which is Rsi Bhisma [link]
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Done, Marthana!!!!!
I've written your complete name on the post.
Thanks again!!!
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I think it can be more interesting if this Kala Rahu suggested as a Daily Deviation :nod: :flirty:
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Well, for sure its merits qualify as such. Tell me, how do I propose it as such? I'm not well acquainted with the site features. I don't see any button to do it on the picture page. Please, tell me and I'll follow the steps.
angelmarthy's avatar are a kind person. Thank you. I have sent the infomation in a note for you :aww:
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This is super cool! It would look great on a t shirt ;)
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Nice colors and lighting, really love it <3
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excellent use of color and lighting!! the demon characters are excellent!
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Believe it or not, I see this piece with a feeling of longing. Kala Rahu was one of my favorite childhood story.. Kept me awake for so many nights especially whenever an eclipse going to happen. Only I thought it was Antasena who decapitated him.
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thats pretty badass. I can't really think of the words I want to use to articulate my meaning in a thoughtful way. This is just really good.
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COOL!! nice to read your comment mr.Dr-Demon :D
Thanks for the compliment :aww:
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no problem, you deserve it.
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keren bgt sih lu, man...dulu gw jarang bgt liat gambar2 lu
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aaahhh...masa siiihhh??? :bucktooth:
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oooh the pics are great! the blue is really good choice.
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glad you like it :ahoy:
why did you say blue as the best choice? :D
I choose blue to appropriate it with the theme and to create "dark" feels but not by black. Blue represents mystique and cold this circumstances, i choose blue that close to green.Green has a mystique feels too.

thanks for the compliment by the way.Really appreciate it :D
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well like you say, blue has a mistical kinda approach.... Like in games, books and so on, smoke and fog is often described to have a blue tinge to it... makes it sound eerie. No problem. I'm glad I'm of some use, your work is great!
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Thanks for the compliment and comments really appreciate it :aww:
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kkeep up the good work!
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OMG!! :faint:
keren abiss bos :clap:
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Asiiikkkk..:clap: thanks ^_^
Febi di Bandung? kul dimana niyh?
Thanks ya udah di :+fav: ama di :+devwatch:
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