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Venus by a waterfall

By AngelLust155
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While I have said before Venus isn't really my favourite MH character (though it's getting to that point where I said screw it, I love her anyways regardless of how she bothers me at many times), I can never get tired of drawing her!! Her design is an eyegasm to me!!

Well anyways more Monster High fanart with more to come! I'm just so inspired to draw more MH stuff recently!! Plus I keep wasting money on more dolls and it's causing my wallet to starve!!

So yes that is quite a bright and colourful waterfall! Yeah for some reason I don't like making waterfalls look that realistic when it's night time cause IDK I love making nature look bright and colourful!! <3

But basically a Venus chilling by a little waterfall in her natural habitat!!

Enjoy fellow Monsters!!

Venus McFlytrap (c) Mattel, Monster High
Drawing (c) Me
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So pretty !!!!Ya I love Venus look her herself ehhh idk they make her doll look so bad - a** but then you watch her and she's like all earth I means she's a plant but dang she has nothing else to talk about!????
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I Have Swim Class Venus Doll
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its so beautiful
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May I ask you a question can I use this picture as my icon? I'll understand if you don't want too.
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Sorry for the late reply. And sure I'm alright with that :). Glad to know you like it enough for it to be an icon!
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That's not a problem hun
Thank you sooo much :iconaawplz:
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Love the way you colored this. It's like Venus glows with the way you shaded her. And the detail!!! Its stunning. I can't imagine how long it took you to color and shade all of that. The background is also just stellar. I mean just awesome. And who needs realistic night waterfalls anyway lol.
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Why thank you very much :D
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no words...
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This is gorgeous I love it!!!!!!!
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Your very quite welcome hun :)
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oooh <: you finished it
still not a big fan of monster high but ?I just love how you did this :D
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