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Wheatley UPDATE and Caroline




I took so long getting these two up. xD

Firstly, however, Caroline NEEDS PHYSICS WORK. Mostly on her skirt because her legs go through them. I know how to make physics, but I am NOT good at them and have no idea how to fix her. D: Would anyone mind helping? Thanks, Amaburb! She's working on it. :D Ok! She's finally up! The download has both Amaburb's and my version. :)

She works , I think, with mediumish speed motions well, though.

Same credits apply for Wheatley, except I used YM Kiyoteru instead of Kaito. And now he has two sets of glasses. And his eyes, following Bakurafangirl888, are by JessHolyAngel. :D

Uh. Oh jeez. Now for Caroline... Remember how I said 'finally?'

I really meant it. xD

Her hair is Anna-chama
I swear her dress is one of MMDFakewings18
Her base, yeah, shoes too, is mersan-sama
Her nose 'marker' was from LAT Miku because the base didn't have it. D:
I was worried about remembering her neckerchief, but the texture is mine, and it was made out of parts from MMDFakewings18 and dannyruff5


DL's WILL be up, however I have a friend who called first download. ^_^

Ok! Wheatley's is up!


Caroline (Will possibly get a hair physics update.)

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