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shoulder tips

XaberChan asked how I draw shoulders so I started doing some studies to get a better understanding (cause up till now it's been more of practice and a vague understanding xD )
and it turned into some tips and observations haha

Disclaimer: I'm still learning and this isn't meant to be a comprehensive guide! maybe when I get better at anatomy I'll do something more detailed haha
this is more of a study/ tips at a glance F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 

if anyone feels like asking for some advice or redlines, I have a journal here for such things ^^
Offering redlines/ adviceFor anyone who does art too and wants a little bit of help/ another set of eyes feel free to ask here! Time zones so I will take a while to reply when you first post.
I've tried to help out where I can in the past; below are some examples of what I usually do:

Finnick 1 by AngelKiteFinnick 2 by AngelKite
Noewel 1 by AngelKiteNoewel 2 by AngelKite
Art Trade Ikeela By Hanamiru-dcmh5jb by AngelKite
Heridria 1 by AngelKite Heridria 2 by AngelKite
Cm Satoko 1 by AngelKite Cm Satoko 2 by AngelKite
Uranus 1 by AngelKiteUranus 3 by AngelKiteUranus 4 by AngelKite

thanks for viewing and hope this helps a little!! 
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This is a nice breakdown, thanks!
AngelKite's avatar
np, thanks! (:
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ooH wow these r rly in depth!!! the bones and muscles tho haha flashback to health class
AngelKite's avatar
hahaha I never had health class o:
it was an interesting study!!
kiyuxi's avatar
ooh rly?? : 000 mind if i ask what country you're from?
and haha sure looks like it was!
AngelKite's avatar
Singapore! If you know where that is xD
kiyuxi's avatar
yaya i sure do haha!! i have a few friends from there/that live there :>
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Great tips!
AngelKite's avatar
BatteryPack5's avatar
This is actually very helpful, especially since I'm currently taking Highschool anatomy, and the muscles, so far, are the hardest thing to locate. ;u;
AngelKite's avatar
Ohh no problem! Glad it helps and good luck! ^^
skyacya's avatar
Very helpful! I love when tutorials/tips on anatomy uses fysiology to show how it's done ^^
AngelKite's avatar
Haha me too xD thanks!!
106squids's avatar
great stuff!
very helpful!Clap Clap 
AngelKite's avatar
Glad you think so, thanks! ^^
kittykatderp's avatar
Omg,I think I just fell in love with how helpful this is.
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ohh happy to hear! best of luck ^^
unknownsmilyart1's avatar
But shoulders don't have tips...
They're round. *Ba-dum-tss!*
Ms-Atomic-Bomb's avatar
ahhhhhh thank you thank you thank you! you're guides are great and I hope I can use this soon! Thank you for being so awesome and blessing us with this!
AngelKite's avatar
ahh thank you dear! ;u; and hope it helps indeed!!
Ms-Atomic-Bomb's avatar
I'll try it out this week <3
RasheruSuzie's avatar
Shoulders and elbows are just the worst thing to draw xD well-made guide as always!
AngelKite's avatar
I love drawing the collarbones (weird I know) but the part where the chest connects to the shoulder irks me every time xD thank you so much!! ;u;
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