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drawing busts

Update: Added two more heads + more details to the first four! c:

just something small to add on to an older guide!
T: how I draw faces by AngelKite
^the side view for this is still good; the 3/4 not so much ;u; 
There aren't meant to be comprehensive tutorials, more like simple guides for beginners to follow!

hope this helps a little! will be doing hands soon ^^

I have noooooo idea how to format a proper guide tbh /: no talent for designing/ arranging things LOL
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B.D often draws torso shots. It might be help.
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good luck!! (:
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It gave a lot of help drawing the nose
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this is sooo good omg 
i really love your style
i will practice with this 
thank you so much ♥♥
you are the besT
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thanks so much! ;; and happy to help!:D
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TY ! also , what program do u use for drawing ?? 
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I use Paint Tool SAI! :D
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This is super helpful! Thank you so much for doing this!! <3
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Glad you think so! ^^ happy to help!!
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Thank you for such a great tutorial!! I will use itttt!!
I think this was nicely arranged ^^ Well done!!!

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Wahh happy to hear! ^^ thank you so much dear <3
Ms-Atomic-Bomb's avatar
no problem sweetheart
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thank you, this will help me a LOT !
i really don't know how to draw male faces ;;

( i used it as a reference just now, the drawing is in my gallery ).
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ohh no problem! hope it was fun ^^
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it really was, yet i still did him too feminine so i need to practice more kaomoji set 1 1/19.  
pd: thanks for the llama !
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Woah woah. I'm saving this for literally everyday reference. Thank you for the help!
I can't wait for the hand tutorial~  Natsu - WOW COOL!! 
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ahhh hope it helps :D
I'll have to see how to make it easy to follow ;u; hands are trickier!
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Aaa the profile one really helped me!! I can't draw profile faces for shit LOL thank you!! <3
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ohh glad to hear!!^^
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