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body observations

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Just some body/ hip observations! (download for full view)
The first part are tips I've been following for a while now, while the bottom poses were random pose studies haha

maybe it'll help someone out there! My anatomy is nowhere near perfect but it's come quite a ways F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 
old one hahaha:
dude anatomy by AngelKite

Things to note:
1) elbows at rest ~align with the waist (which is where the bellybutton is, roughly)
2) wrists at rest ~align with the crotch
3) hands end around mid-thigh
4) body is about 7.5-8 heads tall, I like using 8 for stylistic purposes
5) you can see the proportions using the heads as scales
6) bone structure of hips vary between males and females; females themselves have 4 types of hip structures (which would be too technical to get into, but you can view the chart here; basically in obstetrics the gynaecoid pelvis is the most suitable for giving birth, while the android pelvis is the narrowest and most similar to what males have - described as 'heart-shaped' by doctors)

Disclaimer: I'm no expert and still learning myself, and there are many different bone structures out there! just keep doing studies and look up poses of real people to practice kaomoji set 2 14/67 

thanks for viewing!

other resources:
Guide - Hands by AngelKite shoulder tips by AngelKite
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OMG, thank you so much. I'm sure this will help me to draw better!

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Thanks for sharing this because when I draw a female or male character the waist down is the same on each.

If you cant already tell I only focused on the waist part.
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happy to help! this is just the standard version though, it helps to look at pictures of real people to see the different body types ^^
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That was a fast reply
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Glad you think so! ^^
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it helps alot :D
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Thank you for sharing!!!! 
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oh no problem, hope it helps!! (:
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i've been wanting to work on this thank you~!!
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oh no problem, hope it helps!! (:
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This is INSANELY helpful
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happy to hear!! (:
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i needed this bless uNichijou - Yukko Beg/Plead 
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Whoa thanks for that! I'm currently studying anatomy and this really helps. You're ace as always.

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Oh happy you find it helpful! thank you ^^
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yasssss thank you so much!! I am so happy you took out another tutorialll!! God bless your soul you are an angel! I'll try to incorporate these all these tips! thank you, thank you, thank you!
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ohh np!! ;u; hope it helps and good luck! <3
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