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Guide - Hands

had a busy weekend hahaha pardon the multiple uploads!

here's the hands guide / tutorial that some people were asking for 
it's not meant to be super comprehensive; more like "guide at a glance" haha
I don’t claim to have perfect anatomy; still learning too! p: The guide is also applicable to the majority, but as always there are various types and proportions when it comes to hands!
**Download for full size
Feel free to use any of these hands as references, though I highly recommend finding photos of real hands or even your own hands to reference. References are our best friend kaomoji set 2 60/67 

may not be online for the next couple of days, stressful things happening irl kaomoji set 1 14/19  

will be back!! thanks for viewing and feel free to ask for more guides, not sure what else to do next haha

parr #2 of hand guide!
Guide - Hands #2 by AngelKite 


I sometimes take pictures of my own hands or my siblings' hands when I can't find a suitable reference online xD use what's around you ;^)

some pics with hands referenced from my siblings haha (and even then it does not always turn out well ;u; )
little crow by AngelKite  ghostille [c] by AngelKite  karasu [c] by AngelKite
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Thank you!, this is what I needed QwQ
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happy to help! (:

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Thank you! This will be handy! Ha ha, handy.

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Oh, man, these are great hands! Thank you for these!
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This is INCREDIBLE. Thank you!!! You're an inspiration!!
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Oh glad you think so! Haha, I love drawing hands. Thank you so much T.T
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Never noticed how the middle finger leans like that before.

Very helpful. Thank you.
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Oh, glad you think so! good luck (:
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My fingers are straight unless i put effort into looking at them from above 
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Me: *looks at my middle finger*
Finger: *is not leaned to the ring finger*
Me: *looks at the tutorial*
Also me: f*ck, I was born totally wrong
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haha this is what I mean by leans to ring finger! 
it's quite a subtle thing ovo
if yours doesn't that's really cool!!
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*LOOKS AT MY INDEX FINGER* You Annoy Ice Bear... No Runnin in my Lobby 

Is this the reason for my weird testosterone induced decisions--  *CUTS MY INDEX FINGER OFF* Jontron FBI Scream Emoticon GIF Adventure Time - Scream! Trash Dove Scream (not my art) Toads Screaming Icon Chiyo Screaming Icon 

*DIES* :iconlazydieplz:
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Dignity Laugh  Ahueheuehueuheuue you're welcome and thanks for them nice tutorials.
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O M G  T H A N K  Y O U  F O R  D O I N G  T H I S  F O R  U S  F E L L O W  D E V I A N T S 
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haha no problem! hope it helps :D
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Hands are the hardest things to get right. Thanks for posting this. ^,^
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They're tricky indeed! ;; hope it helps! :D
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Great help and tutorial, I can use it as a photographer, too :D (Easier to explain nice and natural hand poses to models. Most people simply cannot pose their hands and keep them in strange flexed ways when being photographed :D )
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Oh haha that's great! :D and that's an interesting perspective from a photographer, thanks for sharing :D
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You're most welcome! :)
This is something that most photographers won't know if you ask them. They either avoid strange poses by instinct or fall into the tar pit of stupid hand poses :D I learn to play the piano, and most that I know about nice looking hands came from the piano lessons. And partly from a famous Hungarian photographer who mostly worked in California, Martin Szipal—he went nuts if one presented him a shot with hands, except the perfect poses. :)
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cool beans
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