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Guide - Hands #2

Part 1 of guide:
Guide - Hands by AngelKite

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Man honestly there's a lot more to add! like the curvature of the palm, how to construct fists or more complex hand positions etc
But there was no space to include it haha
I also wanted to include how to stylize hands for anime drawings (since that's the best way to describe my style haha)
maybe I'll do a part #3 one day F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 

Disclaimer: This is just how I draw hands/ my perception! ++ there are different hand types/ finger lengths etc 
My anatomy isn't perfect either; always learning...kaomoji set 2 55/67 

The best tool for learning how to draw hands is to practice and practice, and use plenty of references!
Hands are really fun to draw kaomoji set 2 62/67 

Thanks for viewing!
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Why hands are so torturing for artists!?!?

This is the hardest thing to draw!!!

I really can't put my finger on this anatomy business, but I gotta hand it to ya', you made a great guideline. I thought I needed some kind of handbook to master this. It's really ironic how we use our hands to draw, but they're still one of the most complicated. Sorry if I seemed a bit weird, I really couldn't handle myself. Thank you, again.

I really can't put a finger on this anatomy business. But I gotta hand it to ya', you really made a great guide to follow. So thank you! Sorry if I sounded a bit weird I just couldn't handle the joy

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lol I'm bad at hands, thanks for the tips!
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No problem! Hope they help ^^
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this is extraordinarily useful. Thanks.
AngelKite's avatar
Glad to hear, hope it helps! ^^
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very helpful! I'm terrible at hands.
AngelKite's avatar
No problem, good luck! ^^
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¡Oh, genial! Lo necesitaba, muchas gracias!
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np!! hope it helps! (:
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I’ve been looking for things exactly like this. Super helpful!
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oh no problem!^^
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Wonderful! Do you plan a foot guide?

They probably have one my now I guess they’re always one step ahead of you

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I don't have a foot guide per se, but this is an older guide I have which is related! :)
shoes guide by AngelKite  
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I love this!! Thank you :D
AngelKite's avatar
oh np!! glad to hear ^^
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Nice guide ~
i think it’ll be good to mention that the webbing in between the fingers is sort of “v” and “u” shaped, considering a lot of people ignore that rule ~
AngelKite's avatar
yeah true! I think observing real hands would eliminate a lot of misconceptions xD
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very good tips, very simplified

but can you also demonstrate of how to NOT draw/sketch hands..... thank you and keep up the good work
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sure! I'll do that for my next instalment of the guide for the future haha xD thanks ^^
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Thank you!!! I need to practice lots and this is really helpful!
Thank you for this tutorial! You are blessed!!!
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