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February 14, 2021
Bridgerton by AngelJudasPriest
Featured by Moonbeam13
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Looks like it could be from a movie scene!...I'm not sure if it is but I see the fan art tag.

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XD is a fan art made by me :) I saw the tv show and i loved it

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OH MY GOSH THEY LOOK AMAZING AHHHHH It looks so great and fresh, I'm starting to miss them ahhhhHHHHHH Run Cry

AngelJudasPriest's avatar

ahahahah I miss them too T:T

LanawynTheBlueElf's avatar


do you think you can draw an elven city next?

If you want some inspiration I would suggest you to search on elven cities from the first age of Lord of The Rings. Gondolin, Alqualonde, Nargothrond, Doriath, Tirion,...

Also the warcraft elven cities like Silvermoon, Suramar and Zin Azshari

or Lux Aurea from The Dragon Prince

and there is also this elven city atop a volcano

also little sidenote if you want a good webcomic to read before sleeping or whatever I suggest you Drowtales

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oh i missed them.

i just finished watching them :D

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did u like the tv show? I loved it

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i did...

it was very romantic, funny yet full of scandal XD

can't wait for the second season :D

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Congrats on your DD!!! :clap:

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wow thank you so much

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Oh that show on Netflix

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I saw it too, and i was in love with them ;P

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Ah this is so pretty 🥰

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So beautiful...

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Oh, very nice! Lovely! :heart:

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