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+++ ~Talking about those days~ +++

i wanted to upload this yesterday but, well..
here.. the pairings i like from naruto manga, my OTP is sasusakuKao Emoji-88 (Feeling loved) [V5]
love itasaku.Kao Emoji-90 (Ohai) [V5] 
i like naruhina, shikaino, yahikoxkonan, suika, kakarin Bunny Emoji-35 (Eating) [V2]
i am neutral with minakushi, because the ns fans ruined them (for me) with their  parallels. (sorry, i dislike narusaku very much)
i like madameitsu (madara x mei x tsunade:XD: )XD, but photoshop crashed and crashed(each time i resize the file) and couldnt draw them. :lmao:
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Ah yes Itachi with that Solo King Energy
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I didn't know who to pair him with. onion sad

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now that i saw the drawing again, i should have drawn Itachi-sakura-sakuke together.


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You could have drawn Itachi with Izumi his littral girlfriend in the Itachi daylight novels.
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well, that novel didn't existed back then. :shrug: or :dunno:

this drawing is 7 years old.

Well… maybe go grab a beer with Kisame?!😅

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that's a good idea !

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Oh damn your right my bad

Wait seigutsu and Karin did not see that coming

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i like them!! <3

And isn't Rin dead...So....OBITO WHERE YOU AT

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In this photo the shipps is:

SasuSaku (...)

SuigeKarin (:heart: )

ShikaIno (where is my shikatema :c)

NaruHina (www :doh: )

MinaKushi (;P :heart: )

YahiKonan (:heart: )

Itachi is alone xdxd (come with me itachi)

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sorry, i dont like shikatema, i prefer shikaino.

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Konan and Yahiko! Oh my heart, right in the feels
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These are all the couple's that should have happen

pas daccord pour Shikaino mais les autres oui

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:iconclapplz: agree so much!!
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OMG! KonanX Yahiko, NarutoXHinata and KushinaXMinato :iconinloveplz: :iconiloveyouplz: THIS IS AWESOME!
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