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Rogue the Cow Girl

I really like this character from X-Men Rogue, thought it would be fun to make her into a cow girl posing. Hope you guys like.
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Thank you for drawing this.
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Oh how I love this! Very sexy!
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Oh wow. VERY nice.
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This is awesome! Rogue is one very hot girl - especially the way you draw her though the way your signature is placed at the bottom makes it look like a sketchcard of yourself! Now there's a thought!
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Thanks, yeah I was just doing to just do. It isn't one of my more serious illustrations of Rogue but it works. And yeah I could see why one would think that it maybe a sketch card. I see hundreds of them all over DA.

Thanks so much for your comment as well.
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Hell yeah. Love it!
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Thanks so much. :)
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yeah, I really love Rogue she the hottest in my eyes.
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Yeah she is amazing ^_^
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came out awesome! :)
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Thanks a lot. I really love Rogue, she cool. :)
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Thanks so much. I'm glad that you like. I'm going to do two more of the women on the X-men team, if you wanna check back later.

But thanks I really love Rogue. :)
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