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In Memoriam: lemgras330

Losing someone you care about deeply is like losing a part of yourself. And today, I feel like I've lost a huge chunk of myself. My dearest friend, my cyber-mother, the awesome person who'd call me "Cupcake" is no longer with us. Cher was one of my closest friends, and there's one thing I know for sure; even though she's not with us anymore in physical form, I know she'll never leave me. When I first met Cher, lemgras330 (, we had an instant connection. We had barely exchanged five messages when she first called me her cyber-daughter, and another five for her to become the mother I'd never had. She was happy in that role, too. Her kindness, l

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Love's Completion

Misty kisses, made of a gentle moist rapture's desire, wherein is a fantasy's erotica found Caresses of touch sought, their rhythm an eternal echo of angels' whispered sighing A gentle accented song softly mixed with a rebounding beat of my hidden soul, A symphony choreographed by the night's mistress's conducting, Gentle moonlit rays entice the tides of desire, beckoning, releasing, a passion longed for, A passion almost found, yet never touched, never brought to completion A heart yearns for the touch of a lover dreamed of in the shadowed realms of my spirit Oh that he would come. Then, as a cottony night's breeze comes over me in a slumb


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'The Magic Oasis'

Day slowly blends in colors pastel, this goddess, on her palette the colors that foretell her progression as the sky obeys in its subjugation, till finally the deeper varied shades of ebonys and grays indicate tis time this art be surrendered to be continued by the master hand of Night. Two wander through an oasis of her own making, a female tall and delicate, a Prince tall in stature of spirit, till they meet from their own weaving way they chose to be taken. They talk under shade of palm as he with such a tender soothing of song of words of love lets flow, sparkling each in their own mystical aura, heighten the magic of her making. In th


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World Beauties Japan

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Book Review: The Awakener by Amanda Strong

The Awakener – Amanda Strong The back of the book says: Seeing Micah for the first time in years, fifteen year old Eden wants nothing more than to run and hide, but instead in a moment of sheer embarrassment, she throws her arms around his neck; unaware she just changed her childhood friend forever. I initially downloaded this book because it sounded interesting and was going for free (I'm cheap like that), but when it came to actually reading it I had forgotten why I downloaded it in the first place. I was in for a nice surprise, as this book amazed from the first few lines and I struggled to actually put it down to do things like sl

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Mark 16:15-16

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As the River flows

Honey 1706

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Fun Render: Irina

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Man Who Found GOD On The Moon

Man Who Found GOD On The Moon Man In Balloons Floating Thru Space Riding Along Motor Waves Running A Race Sails In The SunSet Fire Works Explode motoe Plane Plows Thru A Night On The Road Thinking Of People & Places Iv'e Been Flash Back Of A Child I Have Seen Was A Child Of GOD Loving From The Start Selling Books Of Khrishna Flowers Around The Heart Made Me Happy Baby And Made Me Smile Brought A Breath Of Truth Into This Mad World For Awhile

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