Remember. You Are Loved.

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I would first like you to bounce on over to fabulouslyDashing's news article, You Are Amazing, and take a quick read, and then follow the instructions.
I'll be watching you.

I does not kill you to put a smile one someone's face. In the matter of fact, it could save a life.

I tend to spend my life on dA. This is not necessarly good for me, as I spend far too much time collect faves and running features than I do, doing my homework. But it's good for you, because I run mad features. And anyone who watches me; they know it.

:spotlight-left:Don't Give Up:spotlight-right:
Don't Give Up-Josh Groban

:thumb118643378: Piece by Peace by sinademiral
:music:Don’t give up:music:
Yellow Feelings by PhilipMatthews cold hands by rosiehardy Yellow by JeanFan
:music:It’s just the weight of the world/When your heart’s heavy, I, I will lift it for you:music:
Behind Your Illusion by littlemewhatever :thumb106528862:
:music:Don’t give up/Because you want to be heard/If silence keeps you, I, I will break it for you:music:
feel the music by photoflake Rainbowface by PorcelainPoet Golden Wind III by foart
:music:Everybody wants to be understood/Well I can hear you/Everybody wants to be loved:music:
:thumb193681179: The road by Julie-de-Waroquier
:music:Don’t give up/Because you are loved:music:
Yellow Brick Road by Foxfires Strange by AF--Photography Paris Plage - new crop by SallyKamille
:music:Don’t give up/It’s just the hurt/That you hide:music:
Buba's dream by AlicjaRodzik after it rains by Zaratops
:music:When you’re lost inside, I, I’ll be there to find you:music:
To hold you. by addy-ack 0208 by topinka yellow by illusionality
:music:Don’t give up/Because you want to burn bright:music:
:thumb54574565: moment by anti-bb
:music:If darkness blinds you I:music:
Kiss II by Krawat93 love by oprisco :thumb144085042:
:music:I will shine to guide you:music:
yeah i can do weddings by scottchurch Xayallar by aydan-kerimli
:music:Everybody wants to be understood/Well I can hear you/Everybody wants to be loved:music:
Clinging to Life by Parabola-Pop :thumb193342044: Sunset Swans by Kay-Johanna
:music:Don’t give up/Because you are loved/You are loved:music:

Mature Content

The Player by Kostassoid

:music:Don’t give up:music:
Life As It Is by Sortvind blade by arayo
:music:It's just the weight of the world:music:
Casting such a thin shadow by april182 :thumb116344087:
:music:Don't give up/Everyone needs to be heard:music:
.Erreur fatale. by gouttelette doubtful. by Teh-cHix0r ...Lviv -1-... by OlegBreslavtsev
:music:You are loved:music:
The Most Amazing ThingThe Most Amazing Thing
I have seen things,
No-one should ever see
And I have been places,
No-one should ever be
I have fallen further,
Than I ever thought I'd go
I have seen amazing things,
And this is how I know:
I have seen people,
Ones who helped me stand
Whenever I thought it was over,
They would lend a hand
And they have shared their dreams,
Shadows come to life it seems
These are the amazing things
Through all the laughter,
Through all the tears,
Through all the pain inside,
Washing away all the fears
Do you understand,
Just what I mean
In all this world, you are,
The most amazing thing
I have seen people,
Who didn't care what I'd done
So strong in their own hearts,
They loved what I had become
They shared their lives with me,
But even with all of this,
You are still,
The most amazing thing
Through all the heartache,
And all the loss
You held me together,
And didn't care what it cost
It was you who made it real,
And taught me how to feel
I guess this is what I mean,
Art of The WorldThis is
the world wide web of thoughts and dreams
lets all merge and create
the image of a world's heart
Within all the madness and war
the world's heart resides
an image of peace and the people
Artists of the world
merge and create
the image of what
we want our world to be


Share the love.


For That Writing Love:

RunningBear5858 has started the group:
Folders include:
From the Heart= Love and Romantic literature.
From the Mind= Philosophical and Sociopolitical Literature.
From the Spirit= Spiritual and Human Nature.

As well as a critiquing folder.

Please make sure that you read the rules, and understand that this group is NOT a "dumping ground" for deviations, or a place to be abused so that you may "get famous". All deviations will be reviewed before being submitted.

TheseKrimzonFlames has started a group:


This is group is strictly poetry. The rules are simple-submit to the correct folders, add a mature tag when necessary, specify if you are looking for a critique and BE ACTIVE!!! This group is looking for those that will be willing to interact with other members and make sure that the pieces submitted are actually being read. Just like RunningBear5858's group, this group is also NOT a "dumping ground" for deviations, and will not be used to "get famous". In active members WILL be removed from the group.

For The Music Lovers:

:sing: ShownThroughMusic's Feature Vol. 2. Jan. Feature#3. :sing:

is looking for point donations and a new group icon, anyone willing to help out in either way will get featured.


Links to check:………


Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

"Never let go of what you once were.
That little inner child.
You'll lose life that way.
So get out there and smile.
Remember what it was like to be a kid."

Share a smile with the world.

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SallyKamille's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature!!! :)
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Thank you for the feature! :)
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looooooooooooooooooooooove that song!
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its a really beautiful song and its really truely:heart:
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Oh yes, I can play some of it on guitar. :D
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thast amazing!
u really do like josh goroban!
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ur pretty welcome!
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Thank you so much :heart:
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Thanks so much for the feature! :aww: :rose:
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thank so so much for featuring one of my pic!
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Beautiful layout darling as always I enjoy the music theme to the pictures you have such a wonderful way of adding image to song its very spiritual I think how they meld with your touch :hug:'s
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Thanks so much for including me! It is a beautiful feature!
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