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I Want You To Hear
You. You bring confusion to my life. Seems like some of the things you have said, they have been a lie. I don't know what I'm suppose to think anymore. You're here, you're gone. Faster than the moon, the stars and the sun. I don't know what I'm suppose to think anymore. All that I asked is that you be a friend. I never thought things would change. I should have seen it coming, from a million miles away. To be pushed out that door, with a slow gentle move, yea, I can see past that And now, now I'm looking to you. If you could see me now, confusion in mind Perhaps we could forget what happened, and leave it all behind. I wish I co
Three of You
You are the one who adopted me, Set me in the 'right' direction In hopes that one day I would gain the confidence to fly free. You taught me about love and war To write to sing and believe... And so much more To have you leave at such an early age, Left a hole in my heart and a half written page. That of which, will always be left for you Should I be reminded of something that you used to do. You are the one who had the liberty of comforting me Teaching me of all the new ways I could 'be' Spent a happy year with you, as you taught me all you knew. But there was that day that you left too, Your spirit departed as soon as the firs
No, I Don't Wish You Well
This blanket of silence that you have laid upon me Sends chills, up my spine. You have my patience sitting on a thin narrow line It unveils some sick,  twisted, horrid lie You've twisted my soul; in hopes that I would die. You've used me. Abused me. Prayed to 'God' that you'd loose me. And left me ...all in a short amount of time... I hope that reality sends shivers up your spine. You left me alone to cry To have this horrid thought; the one where you left me to die. The tears. Little rivers on my face, Have turned into an ocean, surrounding the thoughts of you Everyone knows that I hope, hope it drowns you. You left me alone
Thoughts Will Still Collide
Thoughts collide in your head. Crashing against your brain like tidal waves to the sand. No one can sleep anymore. The thoughts keep you tossing and turning all night. Just like the noise of a city street. A siren goes off in the distance. Is that a warning sign? Or just someone calling for help. The thoughts are so scattered about that it doesn't matter. It's time to focus on you. You can't help anyone out. The waves crash against the shore pulling sand back into the ocean as it drifts away. The thoughts crash together tearing emotion into each twisted one. Is it strange that you compare yourself to an ocean? Or is that how you
In Love With A Stranger
Stranger... Mysterious, tall....dark. ...I fell.
We're At War
Sometimes... Sometimes, I think we are at war You & I The clock ticks. The time flies. Scattered thoughts that leave me shattered; Beat me up until I'm torn and tattered. Yes, I do believe we are at & I... Time will fly. Time will die. Leaves me breathless, wanting more... Waiting for that kiss of temptation, ready to open that door. Leaves me breathless, waiting in fear What if it causes me to lose something near & dear? The constant scratch. That tick of time. Bearing weight upon my mind... Where evil thoughts have dined No, I don't wish to be at war. You & I The constant battles. The fits. The cries. You ar
Collaboration of Our Lives...Quinn and I. I sit and think too much I wonder why everyone leaves It's no surprise I am use to such things But there are times when I see other people And they look so safe and happy in the arms of someone they love Their rock, their tree, their safety net There are times when I wish I had a rock I wish just one person would stay I wish all this confusion would go away In my life I have learned it be Filled with new opportunity A new family, a new life, a fresh start Something I have gone through a lot. But with each new round brings the loss As people fade away like a rag doll Carelessl
When Laughter Rang True
Time ticks The clock chimes I'm sitting by the fire remembering the good ole times. A tin roof Falling rain Musical sound to drown out my pain A silhouette Wavering in place The rain falls like the tears running down my face The windows like a memory Painted glass's history The time ticks The clock chimes I'm sitting by the fire remembering the good ole times. A sound of laughter Child's play Remembering the days when I got my way A big picture book Spread out on the floor A squeal of laughter could be heard through the door A tin roof Falling rain Musical sounds to take away the pain A soothing voice A comfy bed A s
Waterfall-Ever Clear
There is a roaring Oh can you hear that sound? A constant beat Trembles beneath your feet The sound of waterfall. Your mind is black Those haunting thoughts, they're back. I shall be here. Your emotions, like a stream, drawing near Water. The splish, splash of rain Comes to take away the pain. A day, a new light Like the first star showing bright Still there's a constant beat Trembles beneath your feet A rushing sound in your head There is still much to be said. Much like that of a waterfall. Child's play To have your way You do your dance to make the rain stay. Water. Ever clear. It's drawing near. A flood's release
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Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)
What do you mean goodbye? :paranoid: Well, it's goodbye from this account. AngeliqueRaindrops ( is closing & will no longer be a usuable account. I'm turning off deviations, journals, poll, etc. Why? Because this account is associated with my "baby work." All the stuff that I have on here shows how I got to where I am today. HOWEVER, "AngeliqueRaindrops" is not a professional name and I will get nowhere using that name for work-based use. That and I need a change. This account is associated with so many things, both good and bad, that I just need a little room to break free. I, like my photography, have matured, and it's time to move on
BIG BIG QUESTION and I Need Advice...Help Me. :)
A long time ago, when shit was going wrong someone suggested that I close this account and start over. And I told them that was an INSANE idea, as I put SO much effort into being here. However, I am no longer going by AngeliqueRaindrops in my photography. Everything is watermarked as Josefina. So my question is, do I restart? Keep this account open to maintain copyright, but not respond to anything here...there are a lot of memories good and bad hidden away in my inbox, comments, messages, and old that's not why I couldn't close this account completely...well that and the damn copyright of my images. I am very happy that several
Booking and Epic T-Shirt Design.
As the days go on, I'm getting busier. This is a good thing. Especially when people pay me. :B My website is in the works, and business cards are on the way. ~veryexcitedplz ( Sometime between now and July 17th, I shall be working with: Brit Austin, Tabitha D, Asher and hopefully Tiffanie Ford. July 17th-21nd: Working with SnailsLoveTea ( and Nixeblue ( July 23rd: Baby shower. In August: Graduation party, Stephanie Offensive and Courtney Suder I'm still open for the rest of June, and the beginning and end of July. This is the last chance to get TFP shoots. Once August comes I will be charging for shoots, as I'm missing school


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:icontksadplz: Goodbye...
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Fantastic work. Your works are fantastic. I am a big fan of your artwork. I would probably share a new wonderful song to you to return the favour. [link]
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your work is linked here: [link] :)
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Thanks for your comment!

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How do we follow you if we can't send notes? would like to watch your work.
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Helo:) Since you watch me here I would like to let you know about my new facebook page. I will publish there my new photos and up to date inforamation. You can like it if you like it:)
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