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These prices are negotiable
(Especially if I like your idea. Never feel bad to ask. If I'm not super busy, you're rather convincing or I need extra $$/Points, I've been known to lower them often!)

~~~B/W Line Art~~~
$2-3 (100-200 points)
Feel the Groove by angelinblackink 

Full Color (Basic Background)
$5 (400 points)

~~~ Half ~~~
$10 (600 points)

Chesh! by angelinblackink Sock Demons...Adorable piles of ~what~ xD by angelinblackink

~~~~ Full body ~~~~
$15 (800 points)
Heh...You're next! by angelinblackink  Frills and Suds...(Adoptable) by angelinblackink  Chillaxin' Poolside (Nikki Contest) by angelinblackink

~~~ SIMPLE color Chibis, Creatures and MLP Ponies ~~~
$3 (200 points)
[Insert Cute Title Here] - Adoptable by angelinblackink  Wild Fennah...? (Contest Entry) by angelinblackink 
Shock in the Dark by angelinblackink  d6...Gaming is Magic... by angelinblackink


~~~ Detailed Background ~~~
+$2-5 (+100-600 points)

~~~ Each Extra Character ~~~
+$2 (+100 points)
Where is the...? by angelinblackink  Shadows by Chance by angelinblackink
~~~ Character Design ~~~
$2 (+100 points)

~~~ Explicit Adult Content (Price depends on what it is...) ~~~
+$2-$10 (+100-600 points)

I will do just about anything and can tweak my style a little here and there. 

I do Ponies, Feral, Anthro, Kemonomimi, Yaoi, Hentai, Gore, Ecchi and Fetish too! (Really, just about anything but NSFW Shota.) Of course, depending on what it is, I may not be able to post some of it here but I have places/ways to get them to you, of course. (Y!Gallery and Furaffinity)

I do like to post the items on my DA, Y! and such but will refrain if you request it. Be mindful that full animal pictures take just a tiny bit more time, though I'm getting faster with them every day. 

I enjoy humanoids, but I like to try new things as often as I can. I love detail-oriented pics and like to be interactive with the process so that I can be sure that you're getting what you want.

Due to past issues I will only take a few requests at a time (but I do keep a waiting list on hand as it usually only takes me a day or two to pop one out). 

You can find my to-do list on my main page up top on the left!

Feel free to contact me here, in-game (If you know who I am and where) or on my gtalk/email ( Please look at this link and give me as much of the information requested as you can:

~~ If you pay in points, please wait until I set up the widget for ~~
~~ you to pay! I take commissions like that! ~~ 

~~ My Paypal link is on my front page, top left! ~~ 

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