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Wizard101 Logic.

so yea I made this to try to make a point XD it's my friend wizard though XD you can apparently earn that badge by going into the secret shop in Krokotopia. My Character looks nothing like this now as I have lvled up to lvl 50 :) and currently am working in Celestia :)
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Wiz should also make their game free to play like the game Elsword, the only thing that wont be free is the crown shop...cause when you run out of membership there really is nothing to do but farm house dungeons which gives less and less experience every time you do it.
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the girl wizard (witch) even has earrings and the game doesn't (but Pirate101 does)
something has to be done about that!
Wizard101 was made before the commercial. But now the graphics are more improving.
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Oh boy...The cinimatic graphics are just for appeal...they aare never like the gameplay goes for every game
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This is normal for game companies. Usually the animation is MUCH different than the game.
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This is so true. I actually have an idea for this, but it's never going to happen anyway. 
So, even if they can't put these beautiful graphics in the real game because of lag and crap, why can't they do it for when the player is about to cast a magic spell? Like a tiny cutscene with the same graphics and just goes back to the real game, which also can be applied in Pirate101. :D 

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Lol ikr it's totally different XD
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If you're talking about the title, you get it by playing the Ninja Pig game 100 times.
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We seriously have to send an e-mail of letter to Kingsile.We need some Final fantasy quality on Wizard101 and Pirate101.
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final fantasy is a separate game do you know the copyright if the kingisle does final fantasy they will be broke and have to shut the game down so leave your own fucking opinions to yourself!
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Wow, that escalated quickly.
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i totaly agree graphics really matter i mean come on! it is fun with or without them :D :P
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OMG IKR!!!!!!!!
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we gotta send a letter to Kingsisle bout that xd
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We really have to x_x
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I kinda see why they did bad graphics in the game, because it would be hard for Kingsisle. It's a 3D game, and imagine the lag that could be in game if everyone and everthing were high graphic.
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