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Hey guys, I thought you might want to check out my new arty side project!  If you're a fan of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy books, you really should take a look.  Otherwise, stay for the fallen angels, masquerades, and potentially erotic art. *waggly brows* (Might be NSFW at times, so you have been warned!)

"It was when I sat awake one night, an over-caffeinated adult now four years out of grad school wondering what I could draw for my fledgling illustration portfolio when I began to feel the thorns of Kushiel's Legacy in me again.  Did they ever really leave, I wonder?"

Read on at the full blog post -…

I also have a Tumblr mirror for this art blog here -

Finally, whatever I end up doing for this project will most likely get funneled into the Kushiel's Legacy fan Group here on dA that I curate, so be sure to check that out, if you're a fan!


I'm super excited to really challenge myself with this project.  Let the journey begin!
FINALLY!  I think I have moved all of the things I wanted to from my main account.  Now, it will (hopefully) be all new work from here on out!  Sorting through all this old character art again has really got me wanting to dip back into some of these old sketches and stories and bring them to finish.  Ah, so many tales of vengeful Elves, tortured Werewolves, and rival lovers floating around in here now.  It is inspiring!

So, I hope you all have enjoyed the flood of old work and look forward to the new!  I have a sekrit project I'm working on with an author that I hope to share here, if it's not too racy. Teehee.  We shall see once the project has been completed!

Cheers for now! :heart:
After much debate, I've decided to open up this account as a way to gather all of my mature art into one place.  While I have no intention of hiding my identity here nor do I think mature art is necessarily 'bad', I do, however, find it a courtesy to keep my mature art separate from my professional art on my main account which is marketed towards a completely different audience.

What will you be posting on this account?

Erotic art, stories, and things which are meant for more mature audiences.  As an example, I've been meaning to do more art in the same vein of Vyrhelle-VyrL's gorgeous romantic pieces and I think this is the perfect place to share them.   However, all of my artistic nudes and things that have the maturity level of work you would see in a generic art museum or on primetime television will be staying on my main account.

I've already moved several pieces off of my main account, where they have been deleted.  So if you liked them on my main account, you'll need to re-favorite them here.

Why not use Mature tags and keep racy art on your  main account?

Because it is much more effective to market these two very different facets of my art as two very different identities. Racy pictures of Faerie lovers don't quite fit in with books marketed towards young adults and children.  Mature tags are easily bypassed by lying about your age and I don't want an angry parent who knows my work as an author to wonder why I have racy pictures on the account which houses my professional work related to my book.  Discretion and separation is best.

Welcome to the red curtain area!  Adults only, please. :kiss: