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Another submission moved from my main account.

Original Description from 2006: Just a random sketch that came to me from an idea that has been sitting in my head for awhile. By full moonlight, Ramah knows he's a killer, he knows there's no escaping the madness the soft white light brings...but if there was any angel in this world that could convince him of another light, it was Iolani.

Guess I have a penchant for violent day this might be daaay. If you want to see what Iolani's moon markings are REALLY supposed to look like, check out her chara drawing here: [link]

Ramah, the werewolf me, :iconangelasasser:
Iolani, the 'angel' Brenda Lyons :iconwindfalcon:

Poses inspired by [link]
angelicremains Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Comments from the original deviation.

=girlanime Oct 31, 2006 Professional General Artist
I can't help but look at his face and think he's saying (all panty and out of breath like) "Do you....have...any.....Cheezits?" and it just kills the mood for me everytime

And DO have a penchant (again I hear The Monarch saying that word) for violent romances ....but in a good way

"Death is always pointless...that is the point."
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`Marker-Guru Oct 17, 2006 Professional Traditional Artist
I love those markings so awesome XD
this is really nice I would like to see this finished
I love how her hair is wrapping around him and hugging him too

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=angelasasser Oct 20, 2006 Professional General Artist
Glad you like the hair..I realize it doesn't follow physics and her hair isn't really that long...but dangit, sometimes it just works to take artistic liberties^^

"The love of beauty is but the soul's remembrance of what it once knew before it was encased in flesh."
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`Marker-Guru Oct 20, 2006 Professional Traditional Artist
haha exactly I do the same thing XD

Ghost tales - comic anthology - Order now!!

~Abaddon-ShadowAngel Oct 17, 2006
oooooo i can't wait to see the color version, you are so good at the violent romance

"Could he hold up a hand, tell them he had spent a thousand years learning this trick and others, tell them of the guns and the blood that had blessed them? Not with his mouth. But his hands could speak their own tale.
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August 4, 2012
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