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Para Obi Tutorial

By AngelicPara
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:damphyr: Ok. My frist attemp at a turtorial. And this one wasn't exactly easy to do. So bear with me. xD! I hope this helps some peoples out there! enjoy! :heart: :kitty:

P.S. Really bad spelling. lol. I think I was half awake sewing this. Forgive me! ><!

For upcoming Cosplay PicNic Event. For my Tohru Honda summer kimono!

media: Fabric / lace / ribbon / needle / thread / sewing machine / snaps / acylic paint / beads

Finished outfit:

Front: [link]
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What type of fabric did you use and can you find it at any fabric store?
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:damphyr: I really can't remember. But any fabric will work. but Stiffer fabric is ideal. yea, you can buy this kind of fabric from anywhere. :heart: :kitty:
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hehehe i am so making a obi now x3
now i need a tuturial on how to make kimonos...*hops off*
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:damphyr: aw. good luck! =3 :heart: :kitty:
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thank you!^^ great tutural btw :3
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WOOOH! [only comment x]
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I can't wait to see it!
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You could have put a zipper on each end, behind the bow. :)
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:damphyr: True true. But I really dont like zippers all that much. Plus snaps where cheaper then zipper. Plus, at the time I didn't know how long I was gonna make my obi. :heart: :kitty:
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<3 man that looks complicated but really good
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:damphyr: lol. thanks. =3 :heart: :kitty:
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awwww ITS SO CUTE!!!
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:damphyr: hehe! Thankies! =3 :heart: :kitty:
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