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I feel like I am falling and falling,
but how I wish it was a "fall from grace"
just to know what grace feels like.
But I know I have never spent a day of my life there.

Do not give up!
Not before this sunset,
not before this beauty that goes even beyond
what the eyes can see.
But my eyes can only see fear,
all because I dare to take the first step,
or rather it was dared for me.
All I really wanted was to stay
in a shell I have long since overgrown,
to stay in the waters that do not even
touch my knees. I did not want to step
into a new world.
But now I have.
It is summer, but I am shivering,
and debating on whether to turn on the heat,
but that would be weird.
But still,
The honest part of me,
the reason I can find beauty in sadness—
like how in the right light
tears can sparkle like diamonds—
is enthralled by all of this.
Truth or Dare.
You chose to dare
because you saw the truth,
the truth behind all of my
fears and insecurities.
I don
:iconangelichope:angelichope 21 9
What We Have Together
One early morning
the sunrise took me home,
the place I have been searching for,
where I did not expect it to be,
right where I was,
not because home is where the heart is—
as mine still wanders through valleys,
asking for directions—but because
home is with the people you love.
With you.
The night you told me you loved me,
that was a first.
My emotions were like the tides rising
because of a full moon.
I know that must not have been easy,
as nothing has been easy for us for so long
but I can tell that your words rang true,
like wind chimes on a breezy afternoon.
You are why this place can be called home.
You are why I wrote on my hopes and dreams that
this is going to be a great year.
When the snow fell, it for you and only you,
and I keep the smile it put on your face
in a heart-shaped locket
around my memories to be my brightest star.
:iconangelichope:angelichope 7 9
Each Other's Rescue but Mostly Yours
The shimmering dreams of my soul would lose itself
in the breeze, under a blue sky that
serenaded with honesty and radiated possibility.
That is when my eyes lit up, and I needed not wings to fly;
it was a summer that needed not shade.
But now here I stand in the pouring rain,
which is really no problem at all―
until you catch a cold.
My world collapsed, with me still in it.
Here I am,
reaching out to stars
that I know I can never hope to touch
unless I get my feet off the ground.
To someone who is like my breath of life,
I want to get my feet off the ground.
I never saw a shooting star until
the day you so warmly cared for me,
when there was no other time
I could have needed it more.
But what have I ever done for you?
I am tired of failing you.
I am tired that I cannot bring neither
the light of day
nor light of hope into your life.
You are so my autumn leaf!

You are my winter snow,
if only it snowed here.
I am just a dreamer to you,
but for you, I want to wake-up.
:iconangelichope:angelichope 11 23
Out-of-Nowhere Love Poem
My hearts wavers as much as it
beckons, to you and only you.
Like a flightless dove, longing
to lose itself in the blue of the sky
and to feel the angel-kissed clouds,
I want you to be here,
so I can finish whatever I may have started
the night I told my love to you.
I cannot let go of you,
but I already have.
I cannot stop
from wanting to reach out to you
on this one blessed night.
Just tonight,
with my rippling heart
looking straight in the mirror,
and seeing only the innocence of youth,
I tell myself that we can be together;
we can smile through the rain
and shine through the night—
for I follow your shadows
just as I follow your blinding light—
If only fate would lead me to you again.
If only...
But reality comes just when I want it least...
Although my love for you is far bigger,
I know this is still an enormous world we live in.
There enters the thought that I may never see you again...
Yes, I may never find you,
and you have probably forgotten all about me...
:iconangelichope:angelichope 7 6
He Was Why I Wrote
Hold my hand;
I know you can't.
I know you'll never understand
how I still think of you and autumn skies,
and somehow I think nor shall I.
So hard to believe it was true;
so hard to believe my time with you.
That time and place,
while face-to-face,
a love to be confessed
from a moment that was blessed.
And from these lips,
that went unkissed,
I told my love.
Is one word enough?
Find me,
that is, if you even remember
that moment that we had in November.
I want to find you,
because I do
remember clearly
that moment dearly.
My heart and soul sang for you;
I had to write those lyrics down, I knew.
It would be the first thing that I'd do.
It was the best love to never bloom.
Though I feel myself letting go,
as time no longer seems to move slow,
but no matter which way the wind may blow,
forget you I will never;
The time spent with you, I will treasure.
I wish we could have stayed forever.
How foolish I was to had just walked away.
:iconangelichope:angelichope 7 14
We Did NOT Know What We Were Getting Into
Forgive me if I start to cry,
not knowing where my tears will land and stain.
Under stars we were.
Fresh as the dandelions we would blow on and make
wishes to.
We were as wishes,
magical, and exuding possibility, the good kind.
The world was big but not at all scary.
The world was just a lullaby sung in the arms of a mother.
We were just two kids on the roof of a car looking at stars.
You were by my side as we walk toward the sun.
I would like to believe that walk never ended,
and that it never will...but...

No, mother! Do not take us away! You will regret this!
It is not that bad now, oh, but just you wait.
We will keep singing a sad for who knows how long!

Why do the memories have to be so distant?
Why are my best days behind me even though you are so close to me?
Just a door away... so close... but not the same
because we are need of repair.
Almost everyday we walk through fire,
and almost everyday we are in a huge snowstorm,
and our talks have changed even when they a
:iconangelichope:angelichope 8 12
I wrote your name with my heart,
and I drew a heart around it.
Love in a single page.
So much I can do with that name.
I can say it,
scream it,
sing it,
or hum the syllables, etc.
My love, we could wake up tomorrow morning
and find each other
at the rising of the sun,
before the blue bird awakens
but while the already awaken song bird
serenades us.
While flowers from Heaven fall systematically
and I read you a poem that I wrote on the petals of
a rose, with the color of the rainbow.
Or I could wake up tomorrow
with an untouched heart,
sailing down the direction of loneliness
awaiting the eventual drop from the waterfall
because you're not here.
I still have that page with your name.
If I recall, I wrote your name and the heart
in crayon; I guess it signifies
how childish my dreams are and how childish I am.
Call my love childish if you want, but
maybe if you can see my heart and smile
when I think of him,
or how my heart wishes upon falling stars for him,
you would be a believer
:iconangelichope:angelichope 8 21
I would write so many songs for you,
if only you would listen.
I would write so many songs for you,
if only you knew they are for you.
Speaking from my heart,
speaking from my want to see you again,
speaking from my love
that you make warmer than a fireplace.
I would write so many songs about you,
if only you could actually be there when I wake up.
One step taken in our universe,
one more moment to be in your presence.
You just don't know it's our universe,
that this slow moving night belongs to us.
They can never truly turn off the lights with us.
The path that led to you was Hell before the Heaven,
with you as the first angel to meet me.
As long as you are the light, they can never turn it off,
and you are the light.

I have written so many songs for you.
:iconangelichope:angelichope 6 19
A Call Can Change
Sadness can sometimes blind.
Sadness can sometimes hide.

There's a beautiful starry night
and a beautiful early morning sunrise
behind those cold and in pain eyes,
and I want to visit it one day and love it,
but for now let's enjoy the beauty of this world
down to every nook and cranny.
I especially want to see you get knocked down by
emerald blue ocean waves at the beach,
and see you shine like a diamond in the light.
:iconangelichope:angelichope 11 12
the "don't-want-to-die-alone" loneliness
that could make the strongest steel break,
and could make someone with a hundred blankets cold.
fear of the unknown,
despite how little sense it makes
to fear something that you don't even know about.
Fear of being free,
for not knowing what this mind can do
in an open field.
And fear that life is sadder
than whoever cries the raindrops.
I want to not be in an abyss,
but to glow like the moon,
whose pretty light seems
as if it were made out of smiles
as bright as Spring flowers,
out of the bud for the first time.
But I don't know if that can happen,
will happen, has already happened
or is happening right now as I write these words.
I hold the key to the locks I'm in;
I know that and don't like that,
but it remains as it is.
I try to contain a-black-as-a-crow darkness
that is aware of what it's doing,
and to some degree can stop, but doesn't;
as it's too busy flashing the pearly whites
of it's sinister smile in the mirror,
if on
:iconangelichope:angelichope 7 23
Sing 4 Me
A beautiful day turns now into night,
it's a hue of ravens as opposed to sunlight,
and though the morning brought much delight
I can sense my soul now taking flight
with wings I can't feel,
but they're all the same real.
And just like day and just like night
I can have darkness, but can also be bright.
The phenomenal moon rises the tides
as I try to get off the roller coaster ride
of all the universes in my mind.
Often it's scattered the path that I take,
not knowing the difference between real or fake.
For a wasteful dreamer such am I;
it is what it is don't ask me why,
but if you must, an answer I can give
that it's an unfair life and world in which we live,
for I never asked for the crying, just asked for the tissue;
I never asked for this drama to be my issue.
I cannot escape my dreams,
and you'll never hear my screams
that bring me to the ground
till hope comes around.
But to open my eyes to reality's face
would take me to an uncharted place.
I'd be scared to go,
but deep down I k
:iconangelichope:angelichope 12 22
All Here
I want to reach out to the farthest skies,
I want to see what goes beyond those eyes.
I want to fly and kiss all the clouds;
I want to brighten everywhere around,
and nothing will get in my way;
I'll still stand in the hurricane,
and move in spite of all the pain.
:iconangelichope:angelichope 8 15
Stay My Sweetest Song
At such a time,
when the mockingbird sleeps,
I for a second wanted to weep.
At such a time,
where night doesn't blind,
I'm scared of what I may leave behind.
At such a time,
seeing closed and open doors,
I ask myself "what was it all for?"
At such a time,
thinking of the sky,
and how I don't want to say goodbye.
At such a time,
the moon in nude
serenades on my solitude.
At such a time,
with dreams falling like stars,
I say "come back to my love wherever you are."
At such a time
hope comes slow to me and I to it,
but we find each other and there we sit.
Hope wants to come stay,
But the words "go away"
emit from my soul;
I know it's so cold.
I want to force things into place instead of letting it flow,
I now look and see honesty starting to go,
because I say to the truth "get out of my mind!"
but is not the truth what I say I want to find?
Yes, I want that with me; I want to be true,
but I just don't want to give up on you!
At such a time,
walking to me, though has wings,
the trut
:iconangelichope:angelichope 10 15
You Again
Staring off through the fence like we did those years ago.
I never knew then, I only could guess and hope that it was
anything significant to you.
But NOW is much more important!
Even as our stares go off into space,
even though you appear to be close as your eyes look defenseless;
like they genuinely wanted me to come closer,
I don't know but have to ask what do you feel.

Was it the quick, yet massive seriousness
you beautifully gave me when you asked "Do you love me?"
Was it the hesitation in my "yes,"
but how rosy my world was after I said it?
Was it how near I was to you
and the blue of your eyes, like when we'd met,
where somehow remembering it,
the sun is either shining it's brightest
or is a gorgeous sunset with everything but the kiss?
We didn't hold hands, but you are holding my love;
though I want to be held in your arms.

Was it the clarity I felt when I saw your face
in a way I had never seen it before?
Was it how our moment together felt magical like a
:iconangelichope:angelichope 7 13
I don't hear it calling or shrieking;
I only feel it as an empty void inside.
But will it take me further than last time?
Where does anything take me? I ask as a blue ocean,
so breathtaking and welcoming, comes into my mind.
It says for me to come into the bliss and serenity
of it's refreshing nature.
I want so much for life to be like this,
and at the same time know that isn't happening,
may or may not be a bad thing though.
My body feels sick, but am I the virus?
My mind feels empty, but am I the emptiness?
"Do something" I say more than often.
"Make those dreams actually come true
in the face of reality"
For there is a love that can grow
and ignite the fiercest, most prettiest flames,
and bring the softest doves,
and for that, I should move and never honestly stop;
I could be under a million stars,
holding hands with all my smiling angels if I can start.
"You're more than capable" it's me who says that.
I say that,
yet my actions prevent me from shou
:iconangelichope:angelichope 10 10
Hope and Pain Following
The light takes me away,
yet the dark brings me back.
I just want, with the honest parts of my heart and and soul,
to look through a clear window
at the outside heavily sprinkled with possibility
that inspires me to grow my wings.
And if possible, I'd like to see what color forever is.
Is this person who fights this pain in a miserable battle—
with whatever weapons in her arsenal she has, but they all seem defective—
where the saddest death is that of ones smile,
the real me?
Is this who I am in reality?
I shouldn't be surprised;
I've lived far from a charmed life.
Memories of yelling, but no one came to save me;
memories of crying but all I get is a goodbye;
shouting, mocking, anger, hate, fighting,
laughing at pain.
Wounds that don't need salt rubbed on them
for they couldn't get any worse.
But for some, they were young;
they didn't know what they were doing,
no on truly ever did.
Where truly am I now
with long ladders and multiple forks in the road?
It's more than what t
:iconangelichope:angelichope 7 8


Path to A Dream, Oil on Canvas by JessicaTHamilton Path to A Dream, Oil on Canvas :iconjessicathamilton:JessicaTHamilton 119 17 Sunflower Field, Oil on Canvas by JessicaTHamilton Sunflower Field, Oil on Canvas :iconjessicathamilton:JessicaTHamilton 143 14 Oasis Sunset, Acrylic on Canvas by JessicaTHamilton Oasis Sunset, Acrylic on Canvas :iconjessicathamilton:JessicaTHamilton 128 13 Wildflowers of Spring, Oil on Canvas by JessicaTHamilton Wildflowers of Spring, Oil on Canvas :iconjessicathamilton:JessicaTHamilton 133 13 Birch Trees and Bluebells by JessicaTHamilton Birch Trees and Bluebells :iconjessicathamilton:JessicaTHamilton 81 3 761 by TheDarkenedBride 761 :iconthedarkenedbride:TheDarkenedBride 34 17 [SengokuSAGA] 7-Final step by Ellsat [SengokuSAGA] 7-Final step :iconellsat:Ellsat 1,119 69 COMMISSION: Baby, It's cold out here by KenPan COMMISSION: Baby, It's cold out here :iconkenpan:KenPan 660 92 The Bridge by mariposa-nocturna The Bridge :iconmariposa-nocturna:mariposa-nocturna 3,592 93 Centre of a world by AstaQte Centre of a world :iconastaqte:AstaQte 139 24 Stargaze by AstaQte Stargaze :iconastaqte:AstaQte 100 26 Kotori Minami (Love Live) by Naschi Kotori Minami (Love Live) :iconnaschi:Naschi 1,254 42 Kaleido Ruby by Naschi Kaleido Ruby :iconnaschi:Naschi 1,285 33 Sailor Mars by Naschi Sailor Mars :iconnaschi:Naschi 1,222 32 Radiance by BlvqWulph Radiance :iconblvqwulph:BlvqWulph 49 6 Rose and Piano by equillybrium Rose and Piano :iconequillybrium:equillybrium 22 4



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To all you GORGEOUS ANGELS out there!!

"Pretty, pretty please don't you ever ever feel like you're less than PERFECT, 'cause baby you're a FIREWORK!"
Inspiration Quote!
"Sometimes we need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything or do anything in particular, but just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported."
To paraphrase a quote from Harry Potter
"...pity those who live without love"
A quote from Mary Lambert's poem titled Lay Your Head Down
"I cry because humanity is frightening, because one person consumed with self hatred and armed with one gun can kill can entire room of people."
My thoughts go out to the family and friends of the victims of this Synagogue 
Shooting. It's sad to think of this, how people can be so messed up, what must have been going on his head, what must have happened in his life that lead him to do this; it is so sad seeing a human being capable of so many amazing things, throw it all away. When I think about the sorrow now caused to the loved ones of the victims, I think it is so unfair; I almost feel guilty that I have an okay life with so many good things, but right now there are people suffering and mourning and in so much pain while my life is not perfect, but I have people in my life that I love and they are with me.

I remember reading a quote that says basically to treat everyone you meet or bump into with kindness because you never know what they are going through. I agree wholeheartedly with that quote, and I want to try to apply it to my daily life, even to people who are rude to mewhich fortunately are not a lot, or even any now that I think about itbecause you just never know what that person is going through, what battle they are facing, what demons they have. And just thinking about it, just typing these words, makes me want to make the best of my life, to make my life the best it can be, to enjoy and cherish all of my loved ones, to appreciate life and all of its beauty, for all those people out there.

Also, I have come to the realization that while there can be beautiful things in life, life is not beautiful,  but life CAN be beautiful. I remember reading a magazine article about this poor girl whose face got disfigured and had a face transplant; I even saw a youtube video about that person and how her family members feel about it. It was in that moment that I thought of the people suffering horrible things everywhereso much pain and suffering and yeah, MY life is good but what about all the other people out there. It almost feels selfish to me to say that LIFE is beautiful just based on your own life, with all these terrible things happening to other people, so I say that MY life is "beautiful" not life in generallife is not good or bad life just is, but YOUR life can be beautiful or whatever you make it out to be. If you want your life to be good you have to do something about that, but life is not inherently good. I know this runs counter to posters, shirts and messages all around that says "life is beautiful" and I know the people who preach that have well intentions; they are usually nice, sweet people who just want to brighten your day, but still it is incorrect, I believe, and again unfair to say for the millions of people whose lives are really depressing and needs help.

So those are all just some feels I want to get out....Thank you for taking the time to read this.
But I am seriously procrastinating on my College assignments right now--yep, I am a college student now if you did not know.XD


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