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Ada... Wait...

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"Ada... wait..." His voice is barely above a whisper.

Pain wraps itself around her heart, a pain she'd hoped had died along with Ada Wong back in that darkness... when surviving Raccoon and leaving with him had seemed so real.

No... She is nameless. "Leon, Ada is dead. She died in your arms eight years ago."

"I don't believe that." His fingers tighten around her wrist.

My first attempt at using XNALara... I failed... epically. I know lol. Thank *blood88 for the awesome editing. I just posed and chose the background. I also noticed something. Claire has been schooled by Ada on how to sashay that ass of hers. Man... she walks like she's on a catwalk in Code Veronica. X3 It's sooo cute. I could totally see those two together walking down the street, every guy in a 3 block radius staring, slack-jawed and wide-eyed.

Background : (will be listed ASAP)
Ada Wong : BlueJ97
Leon S. Kennedy : Italian_Utent
Editing : *blood88

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Thank you so much! :)
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yay Leon love ada poor ashley ahaha
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Haha! Yeah, but Ashley's still such a cutie. :)
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Aowhhhh!!!! it's more that beautiful... it's reallt great photo <3
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Awww! :blush: Thanks. :huggle: It's not great... but I'll get better... and I plan to fix the Ada rig, too. I'll be able to really make some great pics then. :D
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I really love this.
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wow i dont think ya failed, in fact i think tis is awesome......and the fan fic is so sweet, poor leon lol =D faved
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Oh I agree so much like programmes like Gmod or XNAlara are really difficult. Some people make it look really easy but think it takes talent and getting to grips with it does take allot of time :nod However the concept is really nice here and I love the little blurb that goes along with it as well. They both look really quite sad. Very nice work both of you :heart:
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Love it. Like the fanfic preview that goes with. :)
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Thankies, Aprilcita!!! :huggle:
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It's awesome, trust me.
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'ada wait...' he was saying that MAAAAANY times in the games....

it's not a fail! you're only need more practice!
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