wow, I just made an Deviant thief inactive her acc

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Deviation Actions

I came across a thief, a pretty popular thief at that,
[she has been selling some works for more over a year]
recently she goes around taking Second Life fashion art, and edits it, then posts it on various media sites as her works,
I mean if she just took a bare model, credit the model, then came up with her own works and built it up by her self then I would let it go,
Lots of Second Life artists retouch their works, so I didn't pay attention when I saw a SL model with edited up fashion,
it's not a crime to you reference - you credit what you had used- and it's ok.

but she some times just steals an art work- then puts it thru a filter- the posts it as "vector Art" -um.. no it's not.
like here:………
Those are simply stolen,

after it's filtered it's hard to find the real one by search but,

Real one here :…

and the this one is stolen, then put thru a filter - then she posted it as vector art [the acc is inactive now]:…

I commented on her acc that: if she is Not crediting who's Second Life models/art she is using in her artwork- then that will be looked at as stolen, not her art.
and she does take all kinds of fashion pictures and re-edits them and does not credit any sours, so I had no idea just how many was stolen,

and few hours later - This account is inactive.  -few hours later, she Deactivated her DA Account. 

hehe, so I guess she want's this problem to disappear, but nope.

here is this person:……

oh, and more sites with "her" works:…………

Why do people steal ART?
Cause it goes unnoticed for long.

IF You recognize Art work - Do as You must.
oh and, she is selling those.
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I have some of "her works" in my favorites Fashions folder. I always wondered she seemed too young to create them as when asked something about them her responses were always vague and child like.
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it's not her age that tipped me off, there are plenty young artists,
she simply had a majority of different works, too different in styles and level of skill, 

but it was her mistake of putting pictures thru Photoshop filter- then posting as "vector art" - and surprisingly people actually commented she is really good, but you can clearly see that it was a simple filter, she was insisting she made everything in illustrator,

well she takes fashion photos of the net, then edits them, it's not a crime to use stock photos,
she simply took fashion pictures and re-edit, at "learning level" Photoshop skills, it would be ok if she simply credit what work she used as reference, or what sores she used the model from, then if would at least be fair,

but, no she posts that she creates it all on her own, does not credit anyone, and no one is calling bull on it for more over 2 years now

maybe it is her age- that she is ignorant and has no idea she is stealing, but it is stealing.
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I suspected something as well, but I did not have any proof.
Is one of the reasons I was reluctant to join here, too many youngsters with little or no art skills calling the shots of popularity.

I like to use bases and croquis in my fashion art, but I always credit the people who made them., same for backgrounds
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pff, too many youngsters?
makes you sound like an old nag, I must admit that if I had the opportunity to post my art when I was young I would,

I am envious that kids now get fame so young tru the net media, when I was little you had to be born-rich to get famous young.
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Guess I should be politically correct and say children and teenagers. 
I'm not a nag but I am old, close to being 50!

That's how the internet works, but fame and popularity can be fleeting.
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She deactivated her account.
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only on DA, but she's been posting to many groups for more over a year...

sadly she's been getting her stuff from blogs, rather than DA
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