wow, I just made an Deviant thief inactive her acc

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I came across a thief, a pretty popular thief at that,
[she has been selling some works for more over a year]
recently she goes around taking Second Life fashion art, and edits it, then posts it on various media sites as her works,
I mean if she just took a bare model, credit the model, then came up with her own works and built it up by her self then I would let it go,
Lots of Second Life artists retouch their works, so I didn't pay attention when I saw a SL model with edited up fashion,
it's not a crime to you reference - you credit what you had used- and it's ok.

but she some times just steals an art work- then puts it thru a filter- the posts it as "vector Art" -um.. no it's not.
like here:………
Those are simply stolen,

after it's filtered it's hard to find the real one by search but,

Real one here :…

and the this one is stolen, then put thru a filter - then she posted it as vector art [the acc is inactive now]:…

I commented on her acc that: if she is Not crediting who's Second Life models/art she is using in her artwork- then that will be looked at as stolen, not her art.
and she does take all kinds of fashion pictures and re-edits them and does not credit any sours, so I had no idea just how many was stolen,

and few hours later - This account is inactive.  -few hours later, she Deactivated her DA Account. 

hehe, so I guess she want's this problem to disappear, but nope.

here is this person:……

oh, and more sites with "her" works:…………

Why do people steal ART?
Cause it goes unnoticed for long.

IF You recognize Art work - Do as You must.
oh and, she is selling those.
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I have some of "her works" in my favorites Fashions folder. I always wondered she seemed too young to create them as when asked something about them her responses were always vague and child like.