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my Computer hard drive burned out, Luckly I retrieved all my data, but the drive is no good anymore [we could not fix it in the end]
I haven't lost much, but it took lots of time to get it all back.

I did some traveling, catching up with home and family, getting some stuff done.

I got 2 new hard drives, and reinstalled all my programs, 
to bad I never thot of backing up my patterns and shapes I made in Adobe, but I will make new ones soon.

A few weeks without internet was killer to get back to, I mean sure you can handle youself with your phone, but it took a lot off time to read and update everything I missed out,
I feel like my life was slower before net social life, now it's never enough hours in the day to check with everything, 
I even don't use taht many sites and features and even my FB is "kinda dead", couse I never have time to update or follow or respond right away, 
life is to busy.

But I'm back, 
lots of stuff was postponed,
I'll be putting out my ibooks and porfolios soon, some new works will be submitted.

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