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chibi pinup '10 Red Hot Riding Hood

did you guess what girl this is?
Red - form Tex Avery's cartoon "Red Hot Riding Hood"
also starring as Cinderella in Tex Avery's cartoon "Swing Shift Cinderella"

guess those:
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I started a drawing pad of chibi pinups of my all fav toon girls and idols of all shows and cartoons I ever watched, a mix of anime, cartoons, tv shows and real life ladies that were my childhood heroes till today.

What can I say I saw Red so many times in cartoon reruns that she became the default it girl in cartoons, and I absolutely loved that she was not a typical damsel in distress but could fight the wolf on her own or find ways to deal with him otherwise.
She did teach me that there are lots of creeps in the world and many are strict wolves, and the proper way to deal with them is to say no, get away and in every way possible fight off the creep.
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So cute/sexy/beautiful !
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cartoon or real life?
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Cartoon, her red outfit and short hairdo is a flat giveaway ;)
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man idk. I'm not too familiar with old cartoons. lol
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well since someone has already guessed I can reveal ;P
it's "Red" - form Tex Avery's most famous cartoon "Red Hot Riding Hood"- a cult classic,

it was replayed over and over on kids channels so even my generation knows her, she became an instant icon in cartoon history, you can read about her in Wikipedia, watch her first appearance here: [link]
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Awesome. I'll check it out
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yes it is! :)
You win a free Hug :hug:

tho Tex Avery never properly named her, but her first appearance was Red -thus I will always call her Red.
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:o no...
[try thinking old-er than that tho]
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