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Arisa Redraw! Big inprovement by AngeliCat06 Arisa Redraw! Big inprovement :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 4 2 Summers here! by AngeliCat06 Summers here! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 1 0 Detroit Become Human Fan art! Kara by AngeliCat06 Detroit Become Human Fan art! Kara :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 7 0 Burden (see description) by AngeliCat06 Burden (see description) :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 1 0 Chibi Arissa Retry! by AngeliCat06 Chibi Arissa Retry! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 3 0 Diary of a Quirky Artist (DOAWK ComiPo parody) by AngeliCat06 Diary of a Quirky Artist (DOAWK ComiPo parody) :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 2 0 Arissa Front View! by AngeliCat06 Arissa Front View! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 2 0 Front view of Arissa! Pt 2! by AngeliCat06 Front view of Arissa! Pt 2! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 1 0 Sketch of a Front View Picture of Arissa! by AngeliCat06 Sketch of a Front View Picture of Arissa! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 1 0 Arissa Reference! by AngeliCat06 Arissa Reference! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 3 7 Arissa Full Tenshi Mode Finshed by AngeliCat06 Arissa Full Tenshi Mode Finshed :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 3 0 Arissa Full Tenshi Mode Lineart! by AngeliCat06 Arissa Full Tenshi Mode Lineart! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 4 0 Arissa Tenshi New Look! by AngeliCat06 Arissa Tenshi New Look! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 3 1 Arissa Tenshi Background! by AngeliCat06 Arissa Tenshi Background! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 1 0 Mae from Night in the Woods FANART! by AngeliCat06 Mae from Night in the Woods FANART! :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 3 5 Tenshi Blitz Cover by AngeliCat06 Tenshi Blitz Cover :iconangelicat06:AngeliCat06 1 0


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Arisa Redraw! Big inprovement
Again I redrew her! For the third time...
I just didn’t like how she looked, and as my art style improved I realized that she looked a little self insert-ish.
Actually, almost all about her was self insert-ish. Even our Birthdays are the same!
I realized that I would change her up to make her look like how I described her!
And that’s a Angel Tenshi Warrior who beats the Crap out of Demons!
I wanted her to look like a Angel but also a little modern to blend in!
So I changed her look but I will change her again somewhere in the near future because she needs a lot of work!

Also I changed her bio a little!

Personality: She is a Kuudere who doesn’t talk much but will be the most happiest person you know when you get to know her!
Birthday: August 25th
Zodiac: Virgo
Age: (Still a work in progress, I’m torn between 16 and 15)
Siblings: So far it’s Rizu ( I changed her name to Rizuri ) Sesuki, and her dead brother.
Mental issues?: She doesn’t know, thinks she might have depression.
Weakness: Her dreams, Gets tired easily.

There we go! A new bio and a new Arisa! Also that Cat beside her Is Maru! It’s one of the Zen’nō’s transformations! But I’ll tell you guys about that in the next drawing!
Don’t be afraid to give me Constructive criticism!
Summers here!
Ah, it’s a beautiful day outside.
Birds are pooping, Flowers are dying.
On days like this potato’s like me,
Should be ready to draw!

Finally one of the best times of the year is here!
Summer is a great inspiration to me because of all the pwitty colors!
Summer is also great time to go to art classes!
That means my art might improve a little!
I can’t wait to see the amazing pieces I will make!
For Art!
Detroit Become Human Fan art! Kara
Guess who found her new favorite game! This Gal!
I loved the graphics of this game and their amazing characters!
My fav character so far is Kara so that’s who I drew!
This is my first time ever tackling the realistic style!
I feel like I did great on this!
Tell me what you think about it in the comments!
For art
Burden (see description)
This is a little Contest...
If you know what Arissa’s Burden is or can guess what it is in the comments,
I will try to draw your Oc!
I’ll give you guys a hint, if you can look in a place where the bio lies, then you can see where the answer hides!
This might not be easy and it might not be hard.
But it’s still a fun little contest and someone gets a drawn Oc out of it!
If no one gets it, then I’ll pick the one whose closest to the answer!
Good luck and have fun!
For art!
Chibi Arissa Retry!
The last chibi Arissa picture I made didn’t look very good
So I retried the chibi style!
This one looks way better if I do say so myself!
Tell me what you think in the comments!
For art!


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Alyssa Henry
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Fave show\anime: Rwby, Soul eater, Star vs the forces of evil.

Fave food: Hot wings or just hot stuff in general.

Fave movie: Zenon the girl of the 21 century.

Fave artist\animator: stariaat, wolfychu, lavendertowne, little ruby rue, jaiden animations, the odd1sout, domics, tabbes, and myself of course!

Fave book: The fairy rebel and Blue birds.

Fave color: pastel pink

Likes: Nice people, PUPPIES AND KITTENS, Food (I mean who doesn’t), Memes, anime, video games/RPG, and my family.

Dislikes: Bullies, Know it alls,
Mary-sues/Gary-sues, OCs with no good story, and artists that think they are all that.


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tmntstreetpunk Featured By Owner Edited Apr 26, 2018  Student Artisan Crafter
Hi I love your art and keep up the awesome work sorry if I said it again
AngeliCat06 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the support! So much!
tmntstreetpunk Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Student Artisan Crafter
No problem dudette and I'm a fan of RWBY and Star and the forces of evil to so what's up?
AngeliCat06 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That’s awesome!
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AngeliCat06 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I forgot to put freckles on Arissa again!
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