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Yaaay it's done!! ^___^ Whee!

I hope the link works, this is my first time using MegaUpload so ^^;

BTW you need Renpy to use it ->…

My game is only for Windows right now, so if you have a mac or anything else it won't work. ^^; I can upload other versions for the mac though, if you want me to.

Yeah, so it's called "Be My Master". PReeetty dumb. XD And there's alot of bugs and stuff, so don't exspect anything amazing.

It should take you about... Hmm... 7-10 minutes to finish? Depending on how fast you can read.
And yes, that is all my art and story. NO TAKEY.

Well, enjoy if you can!
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it is a cute little game.  after my blue screen I downloaded it for my new computer
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That was a really nice story. It was short and sweet.

As for some ideas on how to improve your story, here are some basics:
*What if I am still very tired? I think the catgirl should forgive me for not wanting to be woken up.
*Some of the choices are a bit pointless, like why would you walk away from a date when she is doing's having a good time eating ice cream?
*It would be nice if there was music and sound in this game.
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Link doesn't work anymore, after the whole Megaupload thing.
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You can get it here:[link]

But you need [link] (Renpy) to play it!
Could you please add a version for Linux?
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Wow! Nice game! I want to make a VN based on it's concept. Heck, I won the game. I still didn't explore the other possibilities. Any way thanks for the game.
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Oh Iplayed that, cool you've did all the BGs and the art^^.
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^^; Just the art acrtually xD I found the BGs on Google. ^_^; Gahh I forgot credits... I dun know how to make them anyhow. D:
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Jujupancakes's avatar
Uh...^^; Haha it's a format for research papers, where in th end you have to write down your sources in a certain format called MLA.
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It's so fun to play. XD

How many endings are there?
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i'm making a visual novel too. it's a bit long and it might take me months...might last more than an hour^^
AngelicAlchemey's avatar
Coolio!! ^__^ What's it about? :D
Knight-Gawain's avatar
check my page to see ^____^
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W00t, I finally have a game program! =D

Anyhoo, cute game. It was entertaining. =]

~momo y.
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Ah, I can't wait to play it! ^____^
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;_; not for Mac? >.< awww..

But oh wells, from the comments that I heard from the others, I can already guess that's awesome! ^^

I hope you feel better now! :heart:
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Aww it is so cute Cx I love playing with the options xD It was well done...Must've been murder to make D: But it's worth it 8D
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You don't need to download Renpy to play it actually^_^
That was really cute, I just noticed a little bug about the way the text is shown in the beginning, but that's the only one.
Even though it was kind of short, I thought it was so cute!And I love cats/nekomimis, so you hit a soft spot of mine...
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Hehe thanks!! ^__^ I didn't know that lol XD
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