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Yaaay it's done!! ^___^ Whee!

I hope the link works, this is my first time using MegaUpload so ^^;

BTW you need Renpy to use it ->…

My game is only for Windows right now, so if you have a mac or anything else it won't work. ^^; I can upload other versions for the mac though, if you want me to.

Yeah, so it's called "Be My Master". PReeetty dumb. XD And there's alot of bugs and stuff, so don't exspect anything amazing.

It should take you about... Hmm... 7-10 minutes to finish? Depending on how fast you can read.
And yes, that is all my art and story. NO TAKEY.

Well, enjoy if you can!
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it is a cute little game.  after my blue screen I downloaded it for my new computer