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My True Self

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Published: October 11, 2015
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So, couple of weeks ago I finally got the Hardcore Risette Fan -trophy and thus platinumed Persona 4 Golden.
To celebrate that milestone / pass time for Persona 5 I decided to go into "introspection" (I believe that's the word, right?) and design my own Shadow, Persona, Ultimate Persona and Awaken Persona.
I went with green color as the background because... Well, Persona 3 got blue and pink, P4 has the yellow and the P5 will most likely have the red as seen in the previews so green was pretty much the only one left without going all crazy. Without any more babbling, here goes. These are what I imagine my personas would be if I'd be in the games. Have fun.

"I am the Shadow, the true self! I just want to be accepted! I want people to notice me! You're saying I piss you off?! Then YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!"
The basic concept of my shadow is a fat infant like creature that has many masks to become someone else, the person the others would accept and hiding it's true self. That idea went into the concept of boss battle as in that the boss will have five masks flying above him, each with it's own effects and he would switch the mask on every turn. Kinda something like the Kunino Sagiri boss in P4 but with more effects. I know its stats might seem low or something, but I checked on 'em actually. He is somewhat around Shadow Teddie and Mitsuos shadow from P4, but I gave this guy lot less HP BUT also that Firm Stance. And summon since I can't imagine going 1V1 anytime soon so naturally I'd abuse all the help.. xD The strenghts of the boss would naturally come that you'd have to pay attention on every turn to even hurt the bos and it can still use Rampage and get Criticals and extra turns thanks to that. Regenerate 1 for a boss would be real PAIN and it also has counter. ...So yeah, I think I managed to keep it hard enough... xD

Now, moving on to my Personas. The design of my Persona, Harpocrates, is also an infant like creature that hides its face, mimicking my immature and chlidish personality and need to feel accepted by pretending to be something I'm not. Why the red hoodie? real reason. I just like hoodies and I happen to have one like that. Same for that arm band thing. I also tried to imagine what my stats would end up looking like in a videogame. I'm slow. Really slow, hence that laughable agility. I'm not that strong physicly either so I put my Persona more magic oriented. However, though I'm actually not that physically durable and I lack stamina (BADLY) I do still remember that when we fought at school (kids fight, big deal xP) I do remember enduring the punches pretty well. ...So yeah... Yay I'm a punching bag... And I'm also a lucker. Hate to confess it but it's true and hence it's the greatest stat on my Persona. And as you can pretty much deduce frm that, I'd be the tank of the party. Something like Kanji, but waaaaay weaker in the offence. (more on this later though.)
I picked the name Harpocrates from a Greek who is a child God,  The arcana I picked, Lovers, is actually the Arcana I (think I most likely) am. I did BUNCH of these "what's your arcana?" -tests online (most trustworthy are the ones with the birthdate, and 95% I got the Lovers. Also from the Birthday one. So yay, I'm a Lovers arcana, if anyone's curious. :3

Now I'd like to say something about the strenghts and weakness's of my Personas. I put str on strike as, as stated before, I used to take the hits as a kid. I put weakness in piercing since whenever I've been in a position (physically or mentally, you mind) where I'm against stuff like that (spears etc) I have NO idea how to dea against them. I put str on ice and wind since Wind is my natural element (also bunch of test on this one lol) and cold doesn't bother me THAT much. Weakness's to both light and dark as I actually have been deceived by kindness before, and also that dark weakness because I don't know how to deal with..."mean people" yeah, those felt natural to me. later the Wind becomes null and even to absorb since...Welll...To put it simply; I like the refreshing cool breeze. Also, the Light resistance changes to Nul since I have learned to spot the differences between decisive-kindness and honest kindness more better as I've grew up through the years.

Before moving on to Ultimate and Awaken Persona, I'd like to talk about the skills this Persona would learn while leveling. Here goes:
Start - Life Drain
Start - Dia
Start - Counter
06 - Garu
10 - Media
13 - Wind Boost
17 - Rampage
23 - Auto Rakukaja
29 - Garula
33 - Dodge Pierce
39 - Mediarama
43 - Auto Sukukaja
48 - Blade of Fury
53 - Garudyne
60 - Amrita
64 - High Counter
70 - Wind Amp
75 - Salvation

Here are the skills it would learn as you'd rank up my Social Link (since P4Golden introduced these skills. Really hope these would return in P5)
Rank 02 - Dekaja
Rank 04 - Regenerate 1
Rank 06 - Sukunda
Rank 08 - Apt Pupil
Rank 10 - Regenerate 3

And lastly these are the skills it would learn with the Scooter Rides. ...or taking a walk with my character, as I like taking walks and I don't have a scooter nor bike... xD
1st Trip - Megido
2nd Trip - Cool Breeze
3rd Trip - Divine Grace
4th Trip - Mahama
5th Trip - Auto-Masuku

Awaken BONUS skill: Firm Stance

What I wanted with these was variation and flexibility. As already stated, my Personas stat would be more on the endurance side with lack of strenght. This is how you could make it as a durable support with Divine Grace, Amrita, Mediarama, Salvation and etc. OR even going more offensive tank set with Blade of Fury and Apt Pupil. With Apt Pupil and that high Luck stat you'd still be able to do lots of damage with Blade of Fury as it has a really high probability to crit the enemy eve once maybe more. You can keep Auto Sukukaja on it to help with hit ratio too. Now let's talk about the offensive magic skills. I didn't feel like giving it any Ma- spells as I'd imagine myself going more on 1V1 even though (and as I already stated) I hate 1V1 situations. But I'd still imagine to have single target spells. ...I'm weird.. This guy would also get early wind boost so he wouldn't be completely overshadowed by other party members.
The set I would personally go with would be more offensive with little support for the party members. What can I say? I like my friends. Even though I tend to do it all myself, once I realize I'm screwed I'm forced to leave it to palls, but I still want to help 'em out any way I can. That said, the skillset on that Awaken Persona pic (way up there) is the one I'd use most likely.

Now, let's move on to the Ultimate Persona, Janus. The name, Janus, comes from two faced Roman God, hence why he has two faced mask and it still represents my personality to hide my true self from the others while pretending to be something else I'm really not. However, since the character (...I?) has finally come to accept that side of himself, and that it's actually sometimes also necessary AND that you can't please everyone - the Persona Harpocrates matures to Janus. The design here is more mature, but still a child like-creature that's supposed to represent something like 10 years old boy. He is now also lot taller, as seen from how he was previously hiding inside the hoodie and now just wears it, also representing that the person is coming more and more to show his true self for the player. I gave this guy more armor showing his high endurance stat. ...Sadly the need to look like a 10 year old boy kinda takes away from that, but I think I did okay at least. Plus it's Persona, crazy **** is allowed!! ...right? Anyway, now he also has a weapon, a key, because Janus is often associated with keys. ...the design on the key comes from my very own apartment door key... yay for noncreative decisions?

And lastly we talk about the Awoke Persona, Lanós. ...The name from Janus doesn't really change much, to tell the truth it doesn't change at all. Janus's name IS Ἰανός which is (somewhat) pronounced as "Lanós" so... yeah. Nothing really changes there. ...unless you think it's closer to Greek mythology in that way, eh? ...Eh? ...please...? Anyway, the story would probably go that the character now finally truly accepts that this Persona that uses masks to hide itself IS him and denying it would be a lie. The story is more or less the same as when Harpocrates grows into Janus in the first lace, but the difference here is that now he truly accepts that fact and acknowledges there are still people to call friends who accept him as he is, with or without a mask. ...That being said, thanks for every single one of my close friends. ..Would say hastag loveyou but I'm a man damnit!! And tihs ain't how we do these things!! Hooooboy... Anyway, moving on to design part. The armor changes color to red (my favorite color) and the Persona matures up yet again, this time becoming a teenager. Still waaay too immature for my age, but makes the point. The mask is again one colored, (even though it still is supposed to be the two faced Janus) but now its suposed to represent the very basic masks and in that way a lot of different kinda masks. As the Persona has matured again he also reveals more of its true self yet again, opening up the hoodie from front revealing a the shirt under it and also takes the hood down revealing the hair. (My hairstyle is like that, btw...) His weapon, the key, also changes to more cannonlike weapon. ...noooooo, Janus didn't come packed with any bazookas, but I felt like there was need to make the Persona look more powerfull, thus oomphing up its weapon. And if you look at it you can see that the key is still there. It's part of the cannon that shoots Garudynes. ...How cool is that?! But yeah, that's the basic idea of the design of Lanós.

Whoooooooooboy that was a long one.
IF you read all that then huge praise to you.
Hope you enjoyed this.
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That looks pretty cool. Especially Lanos.