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My Nintendo DS game collection by Angelic-Zinle My Nintendo DS game collection by Angelic-Zinle
Heeeeeeel ~ lo DA!

Today I received two DS games when the mail arrived.
Two games that I've been waiting for LONG time now...
The other was Sherlock Holmes & Mystery of the Mummy (which I pre-ordered well beforehand, but came bit late now, though I don't mind.)
And the other was SNK VS Capcom Card Fighters (which I replaced my order that was sold out.)

Anyway, then I went to GameFaqs to update My Games -list
and then I suddenly realized something.
HOLY SHIT! I have over one...HUNDRED, that's OVER 100, DS games!
I had planned to make a video to YouTube once I get over 100 games,
but instead doing that I decided to edit this picture first. (I'll do the video later)

Sooo...Here is my list.
Ever since I Bought Advance Wars Dual Strike and my original DS that included Mario Kart DS (2005)
THIS has been my goal. Get over 100 games.
I...I'm just loss at words now.

Anyway; if you have DS games, please tell your list for me and us.
Let us discuss of DS games, your favorites and least favorites.
What games you suggest for others and why.
Please tell us and me, since I promise; I'm not ending my collection here.
There's tons of DS games I still don't have, and I want to hear your opinion on them.
Well...I guess that's all. Share, tell, have fun!

Ta-tah! ^^
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March 7, 2012
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