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Portrait of ZIN, Jupiter's vocalist, for ZentryofChrist1
This portrait is one her rewards for winning a contest held at Jrock-FanClub
Sorry, it took me so long to finish it ^^;

About this portrait... I failed many times before succeeding to draw his face correctly (3 attempts...), then I struggled with the shading (his hair and the smoky eyes!), but in the end the portrait looks very similar to the reference picture that Zentry asked me to redraw =D

Tools: graphite pencils (4H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 3B) + POSCA white markers
Time: an eternity, maybe 35 hours... (Very slow...)
Software: The GIMP to adjust the contrast
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Thanks :)
I've worked very hard on this portrait!
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Heart Heart Heart  You're welcome!
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I really love it! :rose: :rose: :heart: :heart:
Thank you so much, not worry about the time taken :)

I'm sorry to choose a very weird perspective but I really love his pretty angelic face in that pic! :XD:
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So glad to know you like it :)
The angle was not weird but unusual compared to the way ZIN usually poses in pictures. So it was rather challenging XD
But I agree with you about his angelic face. ZIN looks very pretty in this picture
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Hey, this is a great result! No need to worry :D Good job! :rose:
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Thanks =D
I'll do my best for your portrait of Hizaki. I'll send you a note about that ;)
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