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Memories of Spira

My entry for the contest "Awesome Journeys of Fun" =>

I really like the theme of this contest and I wanted to give it a try =D
As Yonah writes a diary in the game I thought it could be a funny way to relate their journey :lol:
Nier, Kainé, Yonah and Emil are visiting Spira. They enjoyed their journey as you can see.
Yonah and Emil watched a Blitzball match and tried to get the signs of their favorite players.
Nier played with the Chocobos of the Calm land.
Kainé and the Gullwings killed some monsters on mount Gagazet!

Nier, Kainé, Emil and Yonah - Nier
Yuna, Rikku, Paine, chocobo and cactuar - Final Fantasy X

Lines drawn traditionally
Colored with GIMP

Useful resources
Paper texture… by akinna-stock
Brushes by redheadstock
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So awesome! I love it!
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I believe you did a very good job on this one!
The digital colouring is improved from the last one I saw, and the overall composition looks great!
I love the picture with all the girls, they are all so lovely! :heart:

Amazing! And good luck with the contest! :hug:
Angelic-yunie's avatar
Grazie mille :tighthug:
I read many tutorials to learn more about digital coloring =D I've improved but there's still a lot of work before I can call myself a digital artist XD
That picture with the ladies was the hardest and it's also the most popular :lol:

I hope I have a chance I've got my fingers crossed.  
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Owh I just love this! It's so colourful and I really like how you drew YRP :D The feathers on the Chocobo are also gorgeous. Must have been extremely difficult to draw!
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Thank you :)
I'm quite proud of YRP in my drawing. They were the hardest to draw, especially Paine and Yuna with the details of their outfit XD
As I drew the lines traditionally it was a piece of cake in comparison with the digital coloring. It's taken me so long to color it... I didn't count the hours I spent in front of my laptop. It felt like an eternity!
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I am already amazed that you had the patience to color it digitally! :wow: I have tried it once with a drawing tablet and got fed up with it after two hours. So, keep up the great work! :D I can really see how you've been getting better and better with every drawing you upload :D
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