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Originally posted on my Patreon blog.

I'm back from JordanCon and what a sweet convention it was!  I got to meet old friends and make some new ones (welcome to any new Patrons who found me there!).  For those who don't know it, JordanCon is a small, cozy convention here in Atlanta dedicated to all things Robert Jordan and Wheel of Time, while also celebrating fantasy literature as a whole.

This con represented a milestone for me as well because I decided to give my narrative fantasy art a chance!  I've never displayed it on its own before and I figured that JordanCon's focus on literature was an excellent training ground for doing so.  I was so happy my characters and art were well received!  I talked to many authors who instantly resonated with Oathbound and knew there was a deeper story behind it. THAT is exactly what I want to hear about this particular branch of my art!

The 'downside' of this was that after talking about characters, I wanted to run home and write!  I'm fueled up with inspiration after the con and can't wait to see what comes with that injection of motivation.

However, I did not abandon my Ladies, either!  While my Fantasy work is still waiting in the wings as another path I plan to pursue in the future, the Ladies of the Months also had their own magnificent spread in the Art Show.  This is the first time they have all been displayed together in a space and I am SO proud of them!  My lovely brainchildren!

I also got to be a panelist alongside some of my favorite folks, including Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Amanda Makepeace, Ariel Burgess, and Melissa Gay.  I'm fairly sure we could chat about art and advice all day long if given the chance and unlimited time!  I've posted a few resources online from the Women in Illustration and Navigating Patreon panels, if anyone wants to check those links out for further reading, even if they were not able to attend.

Now, I'm back home and there's a little over ONE WEEK left till the Ladies' coloring book Kickstarter.  There are so many loose ends to wrap up, so I'm off to wrangle them!

Thanks for your support and to any attendees who stopped by!  It was a blast.

More soon!  There are so many exciting things about to happen, you guys!

- Ang


Don't forget about the coloring book's Launch Party happening on Facebook right now!  I've just posted my first giveaway there today.  Come party the week away with me until the book goes live on KS!

It's been a long time since I've posted any sort of personal update here!  I miss the dA days of old where I worked in the computer lab as a college student and had all the time in the world to interact and keep up with you all on this site.  These days, I've been super busy with my nose to the grindstone on the Ladies of the Months series attempting to make something of it while my longtime boyfriend is being the main breadwinner.  It's a rare chance to really put my focus and attention into something grand without having my attention split by a day job, so I'm taking it!  I still lurk dA every now and again. I am silent, but always watching!

Speaking of my boyfriend, we've had the opportunity of a lifetime to move into a rental house for a great deal! We've got a few months to pack up and move to the new location, so it was about time I went through my body of work and made an honest assessment of it. I've known this for awhile in my heart, but I've been slowly, but surely, moving away from Art Nouveau work. After I wrap up the Ladies of the Months, I feel like it's time to really give my passion for character-driven fantasy art and writing a proper go!

And did I mention that the new place will have room for separate writing study AND studio spaces? As well as a garden?  I am SO hyped to set up the new space!

With all of this in mind, it's about time I retired that old work that's no longer representative of my quality level as an artist or where I want to go with my work. There's no point in clinging to it, especially with this move coming up!

I'm a little intimidated discontinuing about 80% of my older work, but that's great incentive to make so much more new work that saying goodbye to all this old stuff won't matter later!  I'm sure Art Nouveau won't be disappearing completely from what I produce.  There will simply be less of it while I focus on other artistic paths.  In the meanwhile, this is the best time to grab any of my older work, if you want it!

The following prints are being DISCONTINUED! 

After they are gone, they are GONE FOR GOOD, as I will no longer be printing them!

Buy them here for as low as $1!

Angelic Vision by AngelaSasser  The Archangel of Death by AngelaSasser  Unfurled by AngelaSasser  Glimpse of Divinity by AngelaSasser  Guide My Blade by AngelaSasser
Valediction by AngelaSasser  Meditation on the Rose by AngelaSasser  Butterfly Guardian by AngelaSasser  Night Blooming by AngelaSasser  Verdant Muse by AngelaSasser
Terrible Dawn by AngelaSasser  Moonchild by AngelaSasser  Angel of Purity by AngelaSasser  Advent Angel by AngelaSasser  Mist Embrace by AngelaSasser
  Meneliel, Stargazer by AngelaSasser  Conjure the Dark by AngelaSasser  Zai, Winter's Vengeance by AngelaSasser  ACEO Forsythia by AngelaSasser  Elven Herald Colored by AngelaSasser 
Archangel Series-Uriel by AngelaSasser  Glimpse of Eden by AngelaSasser  Song of Exile by AngelaSasser  Angel of January by AngelaSasser
The Ice Faerie's Breath by AngelaSasser  Tereg - Unbound Earth by AngelaSasser  Mirin - Unwanted Wings by AngelaSasser

The deviation version of this sale for you to Favorite:
Discontinued Prints Sale! by AngelaSasser

If you've ever wanted any of my older work, now's the best time to grab it!  Once these are sold, I am not re-stocking any of these selections.

Hope you all are well.  See you after the move with pics of the new studio space!
My art identity has been in flux lately while I separate from my more Art Nouveau style to focus on my more mature fantasy art work.  My Etsy shop used to mix all of it together into one big mess.  Now, I've finally given my Etsy shop a complete makeover!

In fact, now I have multiple shops so you can more easily find what you need!

Fantasy Art of Angela R. Sasser on Etsy

- Original Character Art
- Mature Fantasy Work
- Stock Photos
- Tutorials on Digital Painting and Illustration

Angelic Shades on Etsy

- Art Nouveau Art
- Angel Art
- Art Nouveau and Traditional Art Tutorials

Angelic Artisan on Etsy

- Masks
- Digital Artisan Resources & Tutorials

I'm still tidying things up, so if there's something you've been looking for, but can't find yet, let me know!

Aaah yesss. Brand consistency makes me a happy panda!
The recording is up here!  In which I talk about Proko's life drawing classes, Painting Drama, my new websites, etc.

My monthly studio Hangout is coming! I'll be talking art, answering questions, & hosting the 1st giveaway of 2015!

WHEN? January 28th
WHERE? Hangouts on Air

Recording is up!  In which I talk about the online art classes I'm taking, show off my new, improved websites, and talk about other fun things going on this month!

Can't make it? Leave your questions in comments and I'll answer them at the event, which will be recorded and automatically uploaded afterwards to my YouTube channel, where you can watch the broadcast later.

Sign up for reminders to attend here:
Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years. I've had big plans in the works for 2015, the first of which is a brand new project I've dubbed The Muse's Library!

The Library is a collection gathering my various art book reviews, art product reviews, art marketing articles, and photo references for artists that I have created over the years for the benefit of other artists.  

I've been making these resources for the past few years for my own interest and passions as an Arts Admin grad.  Now, I've finally separated these resources from my main artistic identity and have given them a new home all their own! I'm looking forward to sharing future resources in a brand new capacity like never before.

You can find The Muse's Library around the web too.
Give it a follow and let me know what you think!

On Facebook
On Google+

The Library's Stock Art Gallery here on dA:

Here's to your inspiration and creativity in 2015!

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