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Welcome to Angelic Shades Studio on DeviantART!

Welcome to the face of Angelic Shades Studio on dA!

:bulletblue:What is Angelic Shades Studio?:bulletblue:

This group acts as a collection of the professional works of fantasy illustrator, crafter, stock artist, and writer Angela R. Sasser, and the DeviantART face of Angelic Shades Studio.

Angela is the author of Angelic Visions: Create Fantasy Art Angels With Watercolor, Ink and Colored Pencil from IMPACT books.

Read more about Angelic Shades here.

:bulletpurple:How do I join?:bulletpurple:

This is an Art Collection Group curated soley by Angela to collect the BEST of her art, artisan crafts, stock art, and more from her multiple accounts here on DA. You can keep up with the latest art, updates, and info by Devwatching this Group.

However, Fans of the book can post their inspired works in the Guest Art gallery to share directly with Angela and her fans without having to join as a Member!

NOTE! All submissions to the Guest Art gallery should have a line in the description about what book or work of Angela's inspired them to create their work.

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AngelaSasser - Angela's main account on dA. Paintings, illustrations, and 2D art.
Angelic-Artisan - Angela's sculpture and artisan crafts account.
themuseslibrary - Angela's collection of artistic references for public use.
AngelaSasser-photos - Angela's artistic photography and cosplay photos.
AngelaSasser-story - Angela's essays, short stories, and character sketches.

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Ang's Summary of Art 2022 + Goodbye DeviantART by AngelaSasser

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1990-2021 Art Progression Meme by AngelaSasser
Fire Seraphim Mask by Angelic-Artisan
Luna Moth in Chains Necklace by Angelic-Artisan
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Angel with a shotgun by Roseprincess1
Awake and Alive.... by Roseprincess1
The stars are blind by Roseprincess1
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The Unmerry Band - Dorn the Half-Orc Blackguard by AngelaSasser
The Unmerry Band - Rabanne, Fire Genasi Barbarian by AngelaSasser
DnD Party - The Unmerry Band by AngelaSasser
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White Swan, Black Swan II (Featuring Echo and Ash) by Angelic-Artisan
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Hey, all! Just a quick notice to say Happy New Years!  I've been ringing in the new year updating my website.  My site is much easier to navigate and it now has a brand new shop!

There are even some FREE cosplay patterns up for you all to play with.  Have fun!

I'm also opening up a very limited amount of 10 commission slots.  Only 7 are available as of this writing, so get your commission requests in NOW before I shut down again! 

You can e-mail me your requests.
Here's a little reminder of all the different types of things I can make:

  Leather Moth Brooches: Cecropia, Promethea, Luna by Angelic-Artisan  Leather Butterfly Wing Earrings 4-17-2012 by Angelic-Artisan Phantom Style Hollow Mask by Angelic-Artisan 

Royal Dire Wolf Mask by Angelic-Artisan

Ezio Carnevale Mask by Angelic-Artisan  The Sun Prince Mask by Angelic-Artisan Relius Clover Mask by Angelic-Artisan

Wishing you all a crafty 2015!  I can't wait to get started on some new projects.:D
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Darkendrama Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
It was a thrill to talk to you at DragonCon after reading your book Angelic Visions. You're so inspiring. What was the name of the book about the Fallen Angels you told me about???? I also love the angel print you gave me!!!!!
AngelaSasser Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hmmm I believe I may have told you about the Kushiel's Legacy series of books (about the land founded by angels in an alternate medieval fantasy France). The first book was Kushiel's Dart, to start with. It was wonderful to meet you too! Thanks for seeking me out to let me know you've enjoyed my work. It really makes an artist's day to hear they have inspired someone else.:)