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Game over Spam Girl



I'm in the middle of a few book cover commissions at the moment, but inspiration comes when it feels like it, and this whimsical concept was just screaming to be made before i tackle the more careful and serious renders i'm being paid for.

Orgins of the render...

I was hanging around a forum, and the administrator went on a Jihad crusade to annihilate all the spambot members on the forum. 1800 Spambot accounts were purged from the forum, for starters... and more purges were on the way i'm told.

I had an amusing (maybe some might call it twisted) thought of a little anti-superheroine running around the virtual internet putting up annoying spam as a form of ironic justice being purged off the forum was just too amusing a picture for me to leave alone too long.

If you really really really like Spamgirl, drop a comment, and who knows. Maybe we have a copy of her backed up somewhere for new de-rezing perils.
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Catto Nora is already laughing because of the “Spam” sign