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Styro Wall Mask Display Tut by Angelic-Artisan Styro Wall Mask Display Tut by Angelic-Artisan
I suggested using spraypaint on the styrofoam in one step but have recently learned petroleum based sprays WILL MELT YOUR STYROFOAM! Be warned! Use water based or acrylic paints ONLY.

The mask used in this tut:

So DragonCon is coming up and I'm planning a mixed media display of my paintings and masks! Lacking good options for hanging masks from pegboard without them laying awkwardly, my mom and I combined our powers to create this display!

Still not sure how it'll hold up to wear and tear, but the concept is simple enough to repeat cheaply. Might make a 'proper' tutorial if I can get time to take more snapshots, but time is of the essence right now!


- Cheap styro head (Got mine from Hobby Lobby. Also in beauty supply shops as 'wig heads')

- Foam Core (Also available at Hobby Lobby and as display board at Walmart. Any thick board should do)

- Xacto Knife (To cut the foam core. Alternatively, the Logan compact mat cutter is what I use.)

- Cutting Mat (So you're not ruining your countertops!)

- Tacky Craft Glue (alternatively, hot glue might work just as well. Haven't tried it yet.)

- Caulking (Can be found at most hardware stores)

- Palette knife (For smoothing the caulking. Your fingers or a damp washcloth can do the trick as well.)

- A hot knife.  Alternatively, a wire saw also works.

- An awl (Or other sharp object to poke holes with)

- A mallet (for hammering the awl)

Step 1

Cut your styro head in half using the hot knife or the wire saw. They're a lot hardier than you might think! Took me about 10 mins to saw mine in half with a wire saw and I felt sadistic all the while!

Step 2

Glue your head to a piece of foam core. I cut my backing boards to roughly 9x12 inches. You want to leave enough room at the top of the sheet to clip it to a display or punch a whole to put an s hook through.

Step 3

Use caulking to fill in the gaps between the surface of the foam core and your mask. Smooth out the stuff with your palette knife, fingers, and/or a damp washcloth.

Step 4

To display, just tie your masks or use the elastic to tie it around the back of the board!  In the image I have the ribbons going through holes in the board, but this is not required and just looks nice.

If you don't like the stark white, paint the sucker another color! You can use gesso to coat the styrofoam then paint it another color with acrylic paints. BE CAREFUL to not use spraypaints as they can dissolve the styrofoam!
batpez1138 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
oooh I like that one
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