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Ladies of the Months Mask Series



EDIT: Added the final mask. This birthstone series is officially COMPLETE!

I've officially kicked off the Ladies of the Months series!  I'll be updating this graphic as each Lady's mask is produced and released on Patreon.

The Ladies of the Months are embodiments of time and beauty. This series of ink and watercolor paintings and matching masquerade masks will personify the beauty of birthstones and birthflowers that represent the months of the year while also encompassing the various traditions and holidays that span human culture in my own unique interpretation. 

As an independent artist, I want to use Patreon to help me achieve a level of quality with the Ladies of the Months series that I would not be able to on my own.  Funds gathered through Patreon would help me to be able to hire models, buy better supplies, etc. and focus more on this personal project, which would otherwise be created during my downtime on a very limited budget. 

You can see the collection of paintings in the series here.

1.  January's Mask
2.  February's Mask
3.  March's Mask
4. April's Mask
5.  May's Mask
6.  June's Mask
7.  July's Mask
8.  August's Mask
9.  September's Mask
10.  October's Mask
11.  November's Mask
12.  December's Mask
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