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January's Mask

For Sale @ Etsy :pointr: [link] | For Sale @ Artfire :pointr: [link]

Design Process :pointr: [link]
I'm proud to introduce my first original design! The rest of my masks have been fan-make thus far. It felt good to stretch my artistic legs and play with the many themes of January. Read more at the design process link for info on the mythology and flower lore for January.

You are looking at a unique limited edition mask that has been carved by hand from leather. This mask draws upon the themes of January with its Garnet birthstone and celebrated flowers, the Carnation and the Snowdrop. Because it is so intricate, I will only be making a limited number of this particular design!

The green accents in this mask are metallic and shimmer in the light. It is held to the face by organza ribbon tied behind the head. It is signed by the artist and numbered on the back of the mask.

This mask has been dyed with leather dye and hand painted with acrylic paints. It is finished with varnish and should withstand longterm wear. Though water-resistant, you should not dunk it in water.
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I love the mask color
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
I was afraid it'd come out too 'christmas' with red and green, but it really outshined my expectations! Glad you like.:meow:
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Hi, this has been featured in a News Article here: [link]
Thank you for letting #ArtToBeBought display your work. :)
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Now THAT, is amazing workmanship. Tis true that the beauty of the mask works with whom creates and wears it and the beauty of this mask looks yet more amazing. That is an amazing mask, and I know you would find it odd for a complete stranger to ask you this, but I humbly ask, do you take commissions from people to make such masks, at a price, of course, for them?
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
Also, thank you for your flattering comments.:blush: I'm so glad this mask made an impression!
Artificial-Emptiness's avatar
Of course, your very welcome ^^ and I thank you for opening a venue in which I would be able to get a mask. It has been on my mind for a while so I have been contemplating how I would get such a mask, of course it would be one that isn't one of the plastic sorts and is quite genuine XD. Flattery aside I meant my comments each one, for if it had been on another I am very sure they mask would not have fit with them as well.
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
Indeed I do! I am actually an amateur mask maker and have only recently opened up commissions for masks. (You will be my first, in fact!) I would be most honored to make a mask for you, if it is within my skill level to do so.

If you have an idea, I would love to talk about it and we can decide the details from there.:) Just send me a Note at =ladydove7.
Artificial-Emptiness's avatar
It most pleases me that this venue is open and after seeing your skills on this mask I can only hope to get as beautiful a mask from you. I would be the first? It gladdens me as well that I would get the first of your amazing work, *no flattery intended only truth*, I shall send a note straightaway to see about the details ^^.
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Thanks:) It's definitely one of my favorite masks so far!
jan3ll3's avatar
so pretty (: i love the golden puff flowers ! goodjob <3
dragona742's avatar
Lovely! Actually, I'm born in January :D I like it. Colouring is great, and the flowers look very pretty. All together, an amazing mask :D
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
Thanks so much! I thought I was aiming a little too high with all those stem details, but it really made a difference buying a smaller chisel. I am glad a January-child approves of this :love: I am jealous of all you January folk and your awesome Garnet!
rockleesgirl's avatar
gorgeous! what a beautiful, original mask!
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
Thank you! It was such a joy to design. I can't wait to do more months:D
OakMyth's avatar
Very pretty! I love your style. You should definitely do more original designs! It kind of reminds me of a fancy Victorian vase translated into mask form. Not entirely sure why it does, but I like the effect. More!

Have you thought about doing a series of these? One themed for each month?

-Eve from the OakMyth team
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
Oh yes! I'm concocting designs for the rest of the months as we speak. I think they will be my 'meditative exercise' before I begin each painting (I'm doing an Angel of the Month series representing the flowers and birthstones as well!)

So once the January angel is done, I'll start the next mask!

I can see what you mean about the Victorian vase too. Something in the simplification of the flower motifs I think:)
OakMyth's avatar
Yay! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!

Also, I'm a January girl, so I approve. And so is the painter in our mask making team, Ashley. That's 2 out of 3!

-Eve from the OakMyth team
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
lol awesome. Glad to get the approval of more January Children:giggle:
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Oh man that is gorgeous! Those colors look really awesome on you too btw lol
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
Thanks! I have my doubts about modeling for my own masks each time (some just aren't that suiting for me) but glad to know this one works!
HiddenRelevance's avatar
It definitely does!
Vegetanthony's avatar
Right on, That is so sweet
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