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Butterfly Keychains 11-17-2009

For sale @ Etsy (Request a Custom Butterfly!):

Blue Hookwing (Napeocles jucunda) :pointr: [link]

Cypris Morpho (Morpho cypris) :pointr: [link]

Peacock (Inachis io) :pointr: [link]

*windfalcon inspired me with her cute little gryphon keychains ([link]) and I just had to experiment on my own scraps of leather leftover from my mask-making experiment.

These are hand-shaped and tooled leather butterfly keychains rendered with acrylic paint and covered with several layers of protective varnish. They are also signed and dated on the back.

If you're a butterfly enthusiast like myself, these would make a great gift *wink wink nudge nudge*. My personal fave is the Peacock:)
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yay for butterflies!
they look great, I didnt know acrylics worked on leather
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Yup yup! I didn't either, but it made since after I thought about it some. Basically, leather is a porous surface, much like paper, but with more durability. It's why it's so great for clothing and whatnot because it's able to absorb dyes and withstand a lot of treatments.

You can do all sorts of things to leather, like paint it with acrylic, gesso it, bake it. I'm having so much fun:)
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yea, seems fun to work with :)
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they are uber spiffy! (for the lack of a better word or two).
I wish I had money so I could buy one, it would look awesome on my school bag
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If you could have a butterfly of your choosing, what kind would it be (if it's not one of the type of butterflies I've already made)?

Just curious :plotting:
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hmm either Plum Judy or Xerces Blue :)
both are very pretty
Angelic-Artisan's avatar
Ohh both very lovely bright ones:D Hmmmmmm....
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