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[Comm] The Serpent's Sin 2
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Published: January 21, 2018
Painting style commission for :iconthe-wonderslug:.

Hey down there~ Diane Sweet Just Diane being all huge and towering over the tiny town wink grin

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Diane is from The Seven Deadly Sins manga/anime and is an actual giant on the show.

Thank you for commissioning me! Emoticons vol.04 :heart:
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moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Diane and her epic boobies!
tj013579's avatar
I love this series! The Boots and POV are awesome!
gamewizard-2008's avatar
gamewizard-2008Student Digital Artist
She is one fierce fighter!
PovGiantess's avatar
Love the perspective!
stevent0617's avatar
I could have commissions of Diane every time! You really are fantastic at drawing her! Well, fantastic in general, but still. ^^; Regardless, here's hoping to more Diane and more fantastic work from you :3
Gunnibaer's avatar
GunnibaerHobbyist Artist
i love diane to <3 but isnt she like around 10meters because this is way more this looks like 150m or so ,but still great work
ThatBigInkling's avatar
I love Diane! She's so cute and sexy
SmushedBoy's avatar
Amazing coloring and perspective! Clap  
Deviljackies's avatar
DeviljackiesHobbyist Artist
Diana is damn big and sexy!!!!
Flagg3D's avatar
Flagg3DHobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh I love it! Diane is so cute! Nanatsu no Taizai is one of my favorite manga. <3
whitebearboy's avatar
She looks awesome, as always!
johnhoward777's avatar
You're great at drawing Diane
NatEdgecomb's avatar
NatEdgecombProfessional Writer
I don't know anything about this series but that perspective work is 😙👌
Mainthegap's avatar
she was  little giant girl and look how she grew up, she's a real titaness woman -manly tear- xD
The-WonderSlug's avatar
Thank you again Angel!! Squee Diane by ThatGingahNinja  Love how good she turned out! Awesome-smiley-emoticon by poisen2014
whitestormclouds's avatar
Diane was my favorite character from that series. It's just so strange to see a giantess character in a mainstream anime. It just sucks that they shrink her down for the second season. I mean, that's what made her so unique was her size. 
SyntheticLoser's avatar
Idk what you're talking about, she's only shrunken for the ova, the second season just started and she's still big
whitestormclouds's avatar
Really? On Netflix there are only 3 episodes in the second season, and she's small for all three of them. maybe there's a difference between the original anime and the neflix adaptation. 
SyntheticLoser's avatar
If you're talking about signs of holy war, that's not the second season, that's an OVA, the second season just started airing earlier this month but it's not on Netflix yet
whitestormclouds's avatar
Eh, I wouldn't know. I don't use Netflix much anymore. But if you're telling me that Diane is big again in the second season, I'm ecstatic. I love her at her normal size. 
HeroofLightandDark's avatar
HeroofLightandDarkHobbyist Artist
Wow is it me or did she get bigger then the last one. She looks great by the way!
Crushed-By-Giantess's avatar
Nah, I think she looks like half the size of the last one. Maybe it’s the perspective of the drawing or the fact that you can see her entire body. In the last one her hands were behind buildings so her size seemed much bigger depending on how far away you imagine they are apart. First one was awesome, I love Diane and the way she looks down at the viewer in the prequel looked amazing. Maybe I’m biased, this one is still great honestly and I really like it, just not as much as the original.
HeroofLightandDark's avatar
HeroofLightandDarkHobbyist Artist
Hmmm well their both good to me.
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