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I'm actually surprised there's no Tracker fan-art at all on DA, so I'm changing that now. :D

For those who don't know, Tracker is a 2002 Canadian sci-fi series about an alien called Daggon - a 'Cop/Bounty Hunter' from a planet called Cirron; one of six planets in a far away solar system called the Migar Federation.
After a prison break sees over 200 of the Federation's most violent prisoners escape to the city of Chicago on Earth and possessing human bodies (while retaining their otherworldly abilities), Daggon is sent to-recapture them all and bring them back.

Upon arrival on Earth, Daggon uses the image of an underwear model to take on a human form (played by Adrian Paul) and is befriended by a bar-owner called Mel Porter, whose life he saves. She gives him the name Cole and helps him in his mission to recapture the prisoners, while also helping Cole to adapt to living on Earth.

It was a decent show in my opinion, and currently all the episodes can be found on YouTube (each in four parts).

1. Can manipulate energy - allowing him to interact with/repair machines, heal/revive others, use it in combat, etc.
2. Enhanced strength, agility and durability.
3. Can change his appearance using shapeshifting.
4. Has the power of telekinesis.
5. Can move in 'Hypertime/Hyperspeed' for short periods.
6. Advanced intelligence.
7. Strengthened by heat.
8. Skilled combatant

1. Weakened by cold.
2. Lodestone interrupts his ability to track down prisoners.
3. Struggles with human sarcasm and expressions.


Hope you like it.
Cole/Daggon made in Heromachine 3.
Background made in Particle Illusion.
Put together in Photoshop.

More information about 'Tracker':…
Tracker Episodes:…
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added to Sketches and concepts in Sci-fi Archives…
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Thank you for informing me. :)
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Ooooooooh, very cool. ^.^

I shall check out the Tracker series. ^.~
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Thank you very much. :D
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You are welcome very much. ^W^
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KajPagetHobbyist General Artist
Nice colour. it's like storm colors
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Thank you.
I was trying to mimic the wormhole from the pilot episode and the beam of light from the opening.

(The links to the episodes are in the description, if you're interested).
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hehariotHobbyist General Artist
I kinda hate when good shows are video games are kicked to the dust. :(  
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Me too.
Mind you, sometimes they have the sense to bring them back.
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hehariotHobbyist General Artist
I think they have been that recently also :3
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What do you mean?
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hehariotHobbyist General Artist
Sorry I should of explained it better, I think some of the good stuff is being revived frequently these days.  I might be wrong ^^
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