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I get a lot of questions from people about whether art is for them or not. Nobody feels like they are truly "talented". Did I feel like an artist from the beginning or did it take time to grow on me?

The mainstream advice would usually tell you to "dream big" or "be unrealistic". But I feel as artists that might hurt us more than it can help us. Especially as a beginner, your creative soul might not be strong enough, so the pain from not reaching your goals might make you give up on art altogether. So what's the solution?

Self awareness. Knowing which mindset to apply according to your situation. Although sometimes not giving a fukk can bring you a long way, other times it's realism that might help you get what you want. What do I mean by that?

Realizing what it takes to get where you want to go is the simple most important factor for success. And you might totally miss that, if your whole attitude is "I'm doing my own thing". So does that mean you should care what other people think about you? No. It means you should see what other people are doing and create a plan for yourself, so you know where you're going

I talk about this and a lot more in my new vlog. It started off as a question from a fan but it kinda inspired me to share my own struggles with art. You can find the link to the video below: 

A lot of people send me questions about experiencing 'Art Block'. It's something that I deal with all the time. Am I good enough? Is what I'm painting actually worth it? Should I keep going? Those questions bombard the mind of every artist✒️

There's a lot of advice out there that says you need to try to be more creative. Watch more movies, read more books, get more inspiration, more more more. I've been thru all of that and it never really helped. With time, I've developed a different philosophy for myself. It's something that I've never heard about before and it's actually about doing less🌟

That may sound silly but I feel like as artists, we put way too much pressure on ourselves and that can affect not only our art minds but also our creative spirits. How are you supposed to sit down and paint something if your mind is being crushed by the weight of fake expectations?🤔

I talk about this and more in my new vlog. I must warn you, it's not the typical mainstream advice doe. I also act like an idiot for 8 minutes and do dick jokes, but that's a given..😂😂 Watch it below :heart: 

I get a lot of questions from people that have anxiety or fear when posting their art and don't know what to do. I've been there myself many times and I've found that the traditional "positive" advice doesn't really help, at least for me 🙈

I wanted to share with you a different mindset, a mindset that helped me to be more creative and productive with my art. And it's called 'Nobody cares about you'. I know it sounds bad but I swear there's something deep in it 😂😂

I did a whole video answering that same question and posted on my Youtube channel, you can watch it now, hope it helps ❤️

I paint a portrait and rant about my Summer Vacation, Ukraine Girls, and Overdosing on Multivitamins. Hope you enjoy XD

I paint a stylized character and rant about the World Cup, League of Legends, and dyeing my hair blond. Hope you enjoy!XD

rant about XXXTENTACION's death, boring people on Tinder, and working with MrSuicideSheep. Hope you enjoy!

Eey, I've been taking a little break from painting and meanwhile I released my first face video on Youtube. I'm a complete ass an make fun of people but you might enjoy it lol

Eey, I'm taking a little break from painting but I'm still on that Youtube grind doe. Watch me new video<3

I rant about lower back issues, BTS, and getting banned from reddit. Hope you enjoy XD

Eey what's going on!

Today ends my 3 year painting a day challenge. 1069 days straight of painting. It's been a bumpy road but I finished it, and I'm proud of it. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through out this whole time, it really means a lot.

At the end I slacked off a little bit because I started being social and actually living life lol rather than just painting all day. Still, I'm really happy that I did the challenge, it gave me amounts of self-discipline that I never could've dreamed of before.

An important thing I learned from all of this, is how vital it is to just do, and not think about whether your work is 'good enough'. I had many days where my drawings were mediocre asf but I still pushed myself to finish them. I feel like that gave me the ability to actually have those better pieces and overall become better in the end. So an advice I can give to anyone reading this, is to just paint. Whether it's good or bad, if you just keep painting, you will become better.

Anyway, what's next after this? I feel it's time to push myself in new directions, so I can grow that much more as a person. Those 3 years of my life will play a huge role as a proceed with my journey, but I've come to the realization that there's way more to life than just painting. Of course I don't plan on stopping painting any time soon, but for now I plan on focusing on my Youtube channel. I want to start posting weekly videos and also start answering some questions and helping people.

Thanks again for being a part of my journey, I hope you stay along for the ride cause there's so much more to come.

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Love you, 


I rant about cults, the Royal wedding and how much highschool proms suck. Hope you enjoy XD

An art collab with Rebecca Ninig and my first tutorial. Hope you enjoy <3 

I rant about art materials, Apple's design, and having authority issues. Hope you enjoy XD

I rant about dick pics, Rick&Morty, and never having smoked weed. Hope you enjoy XD

I rant about dick pics, Rick&Morty, and never having smoked weed. Hope you enjoy XD

I rant about Easter, boiled eggs, and losing followers. Hope you enjoy XD

I rant about Youtube analytics, looking young, and wanting to try hardcore drugs. Hope you enjoy XD

Watch me paint a stylized portrait and rant about some weird things XD Hope you enjoy <3 

New Youtube video of me painting some clouds&stars ^^ 
Also I rant about winter weather, superhero movies and going viral on reddit. Hope you enjoy XD

Watch me paint a portrait from reference :3 
I rant about my dream job, doing commissions, and receiving hate on Instagram. Hope you enjoy XD

Timelapse video of me painting a Lo-fi background from imagination is out now on my Youtube channel <3 
Also, I rant about composition, mumble rap, and being bad at geography. Hope you enjoy XD