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Templar Knight in Battle Dress

This is an original work depicting a battle-ready soldier of the Knights Templar. Completed with black inks and colored markers in August of 2007.
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That is so awesome!!

You did an amazing job! He almost comes to life for me. Thank you for sharing!

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this is so epic. I love the stance. 
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Someone did an edit of this picture. Except they added Marina from Splatoon 2.

So I Saw You Were Making Weird Stuff of Me!
Would you allow our Washington Templars football team to use this photo as our logo?  Thank you.
Would you consider permitting me to use this beautiful work on a t-shirt for our school fundraiser? We are the Nottingham Knights, and I know the students would go crazy for this design. 
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When you make an awesome drawing but you can't fight for the Holy Land...... Meh, anyways, DEUS VULT! XD
Page on Facebook used your image on shirts, and are selling them.…
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Your image has been stolen and is being used to make money by someone else.…

Suggest you do a takedown thing with teespring, unless you've authorised this
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German´s (Teutonic Order) Templar´s equipments are so beautiful and badass.
Hello I am getting ready to launch my printed book called The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal - it is out in ebook form on Amazon -  

May I have your permission to use your drawing in the updated epilogue for the print version due out this Sept?  I've just posted it on my FB page -…

I love this drawing, it's one of the first in modern Templar art - I would not want to be facing this warrior in battle!

Cheers - Gretchen Cornwall
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I saw this on Red Bubble. Is it you or is someone stealing your work?
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I actually drew this, doesn't look as good though.
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Great stuff. I need an artist for my fantasy adventure board game. Angelfire would be great. Please, get in touch.
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Cool. I'm a big fan of the Templars and this guy just looks awesome, like he's come from a big battle and ready for more
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Man, this is awesome! So authentic yet epic!
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