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Sword and Shield original

Original drawing of shield resting against a planted sword. Completed with black ink in 2005.
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Love this. Thinking of something similar as a tattoo but maybe colored. Thoughts?
This is a beautiful image. I am requesting your permission to use it for our Church Ministry as our Logo. Thank you
I think this is the perfect image to go with a logo I would like to produce. 
Would you be happy for me to use this powerful drawing of yours as a concept please?
Love it! You are talented. I would like to use it as a youth group logo at HPCfamily .net Thank you for sharing!! =]

My Name is Jeremiah I am the leader of First Assembly of God's Spanish Youth program.  I would like to use your artwork as our logo.  Would you be willing to give me permission to use this image?

I am part of a team of modders for the game Europa Universalis IV and I would like permission to use this image as a logo for our free mod Veritas et Fortitudo which everyone can download from Steam Workshop. You will be properly credited, of course. If you do not agree, we will apologize and remove the artwork from the workshop immediately.

Thank you in advance. 
Hello my name is Pastor Jason Porter. I came across this nice picture and waned to use this for our Christian Teen camp in Mi. I didn't know if this was copyrighted or not. I was asking your permission to use this piece let me know one way or the other. my email is I would be very thankful.
Gorgeous. I found this via google images, looking for artwork that can be used or modified for commercial use. Let me know if that's not the case. Will credit you, of course, if my book designer uses it as a base. 
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This is fantastic. I plan to use it on a camp brochure for 2014! Exactly what I was looking for!
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My brother, you are truly an artist!
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thanks again for allowing me to use this picture as a reference
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might i use this as a reference for a fanart picture i would like to do? i would give you credit and a link back to this image when i upload it
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Very nice. I like the detail on the shield and the hilt of the sword. It looks like it's a weapon to be used, no useless ornamentation. Good job.
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a simple but great piece of artwork, and yes inspiring as to who's sword and shield it is, or was and why it was abandoned.
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one of those pieces that makes me wonder what the story behind it could be - where the owner is now.
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Ditto the above sentiments, which gives it great focus too. Also, your inking is so nice and neat, which is just one of the wonderful consistencies of your gallery. :)
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I like this simple but expressive!
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