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To New Depths by angelfire226 To New Depths :iconangelfire226:angelfire226 0 0 Rapture by angelfire226 Rapture :iconangelfire226:angelfire226 1 0 Knighted One by angelfire226 Knighted One :iconangelfire226:angelfire226 1 4
At Dawn...
At Dawn...
Awakening at dawn,
the sun's fingers unfolding,
trace rays of color,
across the far reaching hand,
of the sky.
  -Michele Cameron Drew
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The Rose
The Rose
The Rose is of a crimson hue,
She burns with a passion that is all her own...
A blaze that burns deeply and brightly,
Which can be ignited by a tiny spark,
Or be doused by a raindrop,
In the warmth of the sun...
She is of a sad lot this Rose,
Filled with the pain of heartbreak and despair,
Yet through loving, living, sharing, caring and growing,
She has found the way back home...
The laughter of children playing in the sun,
The feeling of a snowflake on a silky red petal,
The wind at her back,
The light and warmth of the sunshine on her face...
The sound of the rain as it gently falls,
Upon the garden floor,
The smile of a rainbow kissing the sky,
And the whisperings of a handsome knight,
Upon a fine white steed,
Have all given her the strength to go on...
She has tasted the wine of the Gods,
Drinking from a goblet of gold,
Suffered through the sounds,
Of the philosophies of men,
Yet has found no absolute truth...
She sings sweetly,
For she was born with the voice of th
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Castle in the Sun
Castle in the Sun
There is a place within my dreams,
Where we live out all the scenes,
That only lovers can.
He comes to me with gentle touch,
A touch I find I need so much,
The warmth is in his hands.
He is all I'll ever need,
He gives to me a tiny seed,
To start a garden new.
A garden we will live upon,
And let our loving linger on,
A beauty shared by few.
As with our dreams we are fulfilled,
Beside the garden we will build,
Our castle in the sun.
Never will the bond be broken.
No words needed to be spoken.
Forever we are one.
And it will be a fortress grand,
Protecting those upon it's land,
This castle we will share.
With all of those that we hold dear,
They will come from far and near,
To live upon it's fare.
The garden fountain soon will be,
A place for all to come and see,
The finest in the land.
Toss a penny, make a wish,
And you will find a blessed kiss,
Was placed upon your hand.
There will be a joining now,
The fountain it will tell you how,
To live that dream you feel
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