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I suppose that the oceans are big enough to fit all the awesomeness that this contest has brought. Every single entry in GrimGloomTale's 14th contest is worth featuring here, but as it is with contests, winners have to be chosen, so here they are. You can view all the entries right here.

First Place

Beach Holiday by Checanty
Beach Holiday by Checanty
with 53 points.

Second Place

Waterbaby by Oddeum
Waterbaby by Oddeum
with 49 points.

Third Place

Enigma De Profundis by TrollGirl
Enigma De Profundis by TrollGirl
with 28 points.


Mature Content

Selkie Shores by ThornyEnglishRose
was voted for 19 times.


Mermaid and Merrow by erinclaireb
Mermaid and Merrow by erinclaireb
- is a well done illustration with a funny theme and interesting mythological background. Brings a smile right away.

Dear GrimGloomTalers

Time really does fly. It feels like the first contest in this group was not farther in the past as last week, and yet here it is, the 14th competition has just ended. GGT has grown well during those 4 years since I founded it, and it's uplifting to observe how it gathers so many so awesome artists and writers, supporters, and other fantastic people.

The next contest will be one of the two themes I mentioned in this contest's entries journal (the one linked at the beginning of this one). See you in September! But before that happens, there is still the Summer feature of our underappreciated works - expect it soon.

Have a lovely rest of the Summer

Jackdaws by ChecantyThe Cat and the Moon by Checanty
A window in time by ChecantyLeak by Checanty
Post-Morning Half Bruncheon by OddeumThe Clockwork Wimble by Oddeum
Yearling by Oddeum
Psychopony by TrollGirlMothface by TrollGirlThe Door by TrollGirl

Mature Content

Haworth'Housekeeper?  Who says so?  I could be a governess!'
'Darling,' said Maria, 'calm down.'
'Why are you being Mother?  You are clever!  You have an imagination!  I'm the housekeeper!'
'Elizabeth, curb your vices!'
Charlotte looked disapproving.
'Not worth teaching French and music to?  Fine.  You all be governesses!  Even her!'  She pointed.  'Those people aren't the warm-hearted matrons you'll hope for, young Anne!'
Anne was three and not listening.
They said she was the cleverest one of all, but she died anyway.
'Maria,' Charlotte whispered.  'Are you awake?'
She was not dead yet.  She opened her eyes.
'I am content, Charlotte.  Comfort Elizabeth.'
'Oh,' said Charlotte, 'they are mistaken!  You could not speak so calmly if you were going to die.'
A sob came on Maria's other side.
'Don't fear for me, Emily.  No coward soul is mine.'
'Cathy's brother!  And now in Ch
PruningEach springtime, over months and years,
I come at you with pruning shears.
I snip the weeds that steal your light,
That grow too wild, that don't look right.
Some flowers were not meant to thrive,
Why keep their feeble hopes alive?
I tear up grass grown tall around,
Too common for such fertile ground.
I cut the drooping heads from you,
Where leaves grow dark, I cut them too.
Then, leaving you in wintry lands,
I lock my shed and wash my hands.
SekhmetNo lion, but a lioness
Were you, their deity of war.
More often god; there, then, goddess,
No lion, but a lioness.
Men may make women powerless,
Yet whose the warlike, godlike roar?
No lion's, but a lioness'.
Were you their deity of war?
Revelation by TrollGirlScarves by erinclaireb
Each Uisge Asleep by erinclairebPuca by erinclairebSwan Maiden by erinclaireb

  • Reading: Symbols and Sigils
  • Watching: Penny Dreadful
  • Eating: Pear Salad
  • Drinking: White Tea
When I saw this amazing collection in the journal of :iconstelari: I HAD to share!!  Stunning works all around.

March 2015 Traditional Art DD Round-up Tue Mar 31, 2015, 8:22 AM
:iconstelari: Features by STelari

Blumenmaedchen by bomgirl Painting 1 by Aileen-Kailum<da:thumb id="485394352"/> purple hair by Howard0 Flux by Eirescei Dream of the blue turtles by TrollGirl Thinking about forever 2 by Sadania Melancholy by RLoben Berger by Schildom Beira1 by menton3 The Weight of Silence by PeteHamilton Alice by Asurit The Storm. by Claudia-SG clair de lune by 413

Mature Content

What Is Chaos Anyway? by tdylan
Plegaria by yuriko-shirou Eden by Blumina old charcoal attacked by derekjones Midnight by Foyaland

Mature Content

Catch and Release by lolitaAgogo
Numenor by SarkaSkorpikova SPECTRE OF THE APOTHEOSIS OF MERCANTILE DESIRE by gromyko The Gatherer by Gyossaith The Shore - Copyright Matt Hughes by matthughes<da:thumb id="498042621"/> Birth of Fairy Queen by Chonunhwa<da:thumb id="517748936"/> In the night by Netchand Adora by D0RIAN0<da:thumb id="465067053"/>

:iconagaave: Features by Agaave

Wolf Portrait (painting) by EsthervanHulsen carryon by Defectorillustration A Small Space of Warmth by lesssleep The Night and the Silent Water by ForlornExistence Summer's gone by Spirosart Baba Yaga by BrittMartin Surveillance by fairestflower Autumn river by JoaRosa Hunting For Happiness by Avoice insect by EspadaNO06

Mature Content

Witches 1024x1024 by kowelvain
Leodrake- PRINTS AVAILABLE ! by YemaYema Road To Neverland. by MarijaMiladinovic Wreath of Ivy by LadyEru Imaginary Sea-scape by andrianart Parasite by KelseyBeckett forest guardian by Hekkil<da:thumb id="379114354"/> Future in harmony by happyberryred The Painted Kingdom by golden-quince Forgotten Dream O Ka Fee by RubisFirenos Red on Turquoise by kosharik69 Women by Daniele-Serra Ingathering by VitUrzh rooting for you by monsieur-arlequin Ragazza bagnata dall'acqua II - Pencil on paper by Camparbio Spirit by heikala Visitation by N8grafica Heart letter by nhienan The Flowers of Evil by Yoann-Lossel Forest Creature by raskina

:iconjenthestrawberry: Features by jempavia

Dreamer by OMtNI<da:thumb id="484119788"/><da:thumb id="509324442"/> untitled oil on canvas 162.2 x 112 cm 2014 by ShinKwangHo Phosphene by MarcoMazzoniArt Small Crucian. 2012 by Yudaev Chameleon by AmBr0 What No Elephant by Cmac13 Sleepless Night by syuka-taupe Spleen by SandraPelly Unseelie Court: Famine by jasminetoad This Twilight Garden by gallegosart-com The Dream Is Over by rambleonrob<da:thumb id="518373065"/> Dreamlight by SkylerBrown Shanghai city drawing by kinobuta Carpe Diem by Acrymat Best of Friends by OFaia Genesis by alex-odnoralov My world by Esoragotka Bodiam by LauraHolArt Le Reve by cuento21 Portrait On Watercolour Paper by ART-BY-DOC

:iconthunderstatement: Features by MidnightExigent

29, 30  41, 42 by Toffi-Fee If I blow your mind, what will you do for me? by sgibb Mutual Obsession by stevenrussellblack

:iconmoonbeam13: Features by Moonbeam13

The Seven Deadly Sins (2015) by elevonART Tea Bath by AlvaroFuegoFatuo Capture of an empty soul by Ishyndar Steampunk Landscape by GrimDreamArt Inflatable parade by MattiasA

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  • Reading: Symbols and Sigils
  • Watching: Penny Dreadful
  • Eating: Pear Salad
  • Drinking: White Tea

:blackorangefire: by NamelessBotWINNERS::blackorangefire: by NamelessBot

DIGITAL ARTPink Tick Bullet by Sukiie


wait until the full moon by naradjou14

2º :iconperoline:

Protection Ritual by peroline

On Earth as it is in Heaven by BBstar7

Celtic divider dark red by FoofyCakez

TRADITIONAL ARTPink Tick Bullet by Sukiie


Moth Guardian by AliatheGhoul


Slavic Ritual by Traktorova


Celtic divider dark red by FoofyCakez

HONORABLE MENTIONS:whitebluefire: by NamelessBot

Archbishop Evangeline by Rusembell  The Ritual by LaVoixduPasse  FC4 - The Ritual by the-evil-legacy 
  Fantasy Flutter Bunny -Handcrafted- Rhiannon Woolf by RhiannonWoolf  Satanica by ArienSmith


  • Listening to: Annie Lennox
  • Reading: Three Cousins Series Book 2
  • Watching: Shameless
  • Eating: Blue Berries
  • Drinking: Water

January Feature Journal

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 21, 2015, 9:16 PM

This journal of Features was borrowed from my dear friend :iconj-u-d-a-s: because everything in it was so incredibly awesome!!  Enjoy this amazing collection and I'll be back tomorrow to update the "Creative Plans For Angelles LaVeau 2015"  Stay tuned.....

So now its tomorrow and I'm back to share plans for 2015.  I've been carrying my sketchbook everywhere with me, and soon I will have several new "action portraits" to post for you all.  I am also starting a "Divination Deck" that will consist of 56 images and will be made into a deck, along with a hard cover book (written by myself with meanings of the cards).  But be sure... Its NOTHING like the Divination Decks you've seen before.  This turns the page (or cards) totally up-side-down and will hopefully capture an eager audience.  Well that gets me started anyway!! 

All the best,


 IDUN by xeena-dragonkizz  Ghost Alley by maiarcita 

  The Haunted by alkab-art  

Le Cabinet de Curiosites - Clockwork Fairy by AlexandraVBach   

Eternal Sleep by vampirekingdom   

   Dilemma of free will by MindTuber 

magical tree II by BaxiaArt  Set Free by alkab-art Lucy by Garden-Of-BlackRoses 

  Cuemeterium by Corvinerium 


 Mother of Dragons by PetyaPlamenova Steampunk Fish by CaryAndFrankArts 


Distorted mind by SheerHeart  Blue Valentine by TanyaShatseva 

Their is no end to this madness by 1chick1   

Enigma by Andaelentari    

Come into the dark by SecretDarTiste Anna by Garden-Of-BlackRoses 

Weather The Storm by Madink-art   




Exorcist by BrietOlga 

Bleeding Heart by clair0bscur Vertigo by Frama Hats by vacuumslayer 

  Ninth gate (acrylic and oil on primed paper) by KaradjinovicMarko 

  • Listening to: Annie Lennox
  • Reading: Three Cousins Series Book 2
  • Watching: Shameless
  • Eating: Blue Berries
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Large Holiday Treasures Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 6, 2014, 9:04 AM

   Katherine by ElenaSai 
Subject #7 by MalcolmShortt   Owl painting by straewefin
<da:thumb id="472047032"/> Natalie Portman by Sorbetti
<da:thumb id="445227141"/> Actias luna by youngmoons
Time by SpleenArt bad blood. by cristina-otero Toe Shoes Next? by joniwagnerart 
<da:thumb id="451706801"/> The Bouquet by thomsontm Self portrait by Dodos24
<da:thumb id="464614633"/> Storm in a Teacup by Paul-Shanghai
To The Wonder by lorency Legend of the Cryptids-Caged Demon Fiorentina(A) by anotherwanderer <da:thumb id="426686494"/>
Slumbering Naiad by juliedillon
Wagon detail by denismayerjr  
Bad Gollum by DavidDeb Mr. Hiddles by FabianaAzevedo Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) by Ilojleen
                                       Smoking Coal by EduardoLeon                                                   Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) by ElliCrown The Apple by JonoDry
Lady Peacock by saravami Ex Umbris by tillieke In the end by Arkarti
  Elephant by FredrikEriksson1
Robert Downey JR by Bluecknight The Golden Room by CassiopeiaArt
<da:thumb id="466735220"/>  Tyrion by JeffLafferty <da:thumb id="474820586"/>

<da:thumb id="474081344"/>

-The road into depths of the soul- by Janek-Sedlar  
~ Winterland ~ by ChristianGerth ~ Dragon Village ~ by ChristianGerth Secret by Zolaida
Temple Ruins by arisuonpaa Cherry Valley by arisuonpaa
<da:thumb id="474320773"/> Thirteen - 'The Puzzle' (1/5) by imorawetz
Katniss Everdeen by AmandaTolleson Hazy Afternoon by arisuonpaaEye painting by straewefin
-Inner evening- by Janek-Sedlar -Forgotten treasure of the woods- by Janek-Sedlar
 Cracked by youngmoons
<da:thumb id="465998647"/>  Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter by FredrikEriksson1
MELENDEZ - Pencil Reproduction by NestorCanavarro Tom Hanks Saving private ryan by FredrikEriksson1
Apple 2014 by Benadia Maggie by ElenaSai
Natalie Portman - Leon by SmoothCriminal73 Eye drawing by xxMagicGlowxx
Jon Snow - Game Of Thrones by Chrisbakerart MtG: Gift of Orzhova by algenpfleger
Beauty and the beast (not photo) by Natal-Zhade Ann by ElenaSai
First Light by Sillybilly60 A Bridge to Cross by AnnMarieBone

<da:thumb id="452682841"/> <da:thumb id="445646151"/>
Close Up of Dany by joniwagnerart Bryan Cranston - Walter White from Breaking Bad by NestorCanavarro

<da:thumb id="471904737"/>
<da:thumb id="435080591"/> Silence (final version) by XRlS
<da:thumb id="409009895"/> Blood by ElenaSai
Old Watch by indiart3612 Happy dogs by 22Zitty22 Dusty Skull by hatefueled
O Monochrome 3 by caldwellart
Red-Eyed Tree Frog by CamillaMalcus A giraffe - complete by indiart3612 Preserving our nature ? by AlexLehner
Merry Christmas! by pamslaats a pinecone 5 by indiart3612 17 by JaneyArt

shoes by indiart3612Yin and Yang by Danijel-Knez metal study by URM
Coffee Grinder by facesincolor Deep Water by Sisterslaughter165 Mhysa by Inna-Vjuzhanina
Catching Fire by Inna-Vjuzhanina Jessica Alba by dinodevic12 The Tigress by CamillaMalcus
                   Briar Rose and her bittersweet nightmares by nina-Y
What you see in my eyes by snake-silent Katniss Everdeen: the Mockingjay by Inna-Vjuzhanina
On the way by MiStr8022 -Soft veil of mystery- by Janek-Sedlar
 <da:thumb id="431617306"/> Jewel by youngmoons
Black Panther by CamillaMalcus
Jack Sparrow (completed) by Natalisa234 Whoopi Goldberg by JaneyArt
    Lion by pamslaats
Keepitsafe by Zindy   Cold by IvannaDark
Eagle by zephyrxavier
Pug painting by straewefin Set of playing cards 2 DRAWING Marcello Barenghi by marcellobarenghi
A crashed can of cola DRAWING by Marcello Barenghi by marcellobarenghi Hanging Around by Hunkinart
Suspicious Mind by CamillaMalcusThe Exquisite Corpse by Fiction69
Venezia by CamillaMalcus<da:thumb id="419391663"/>
Siberian Husky by CamillaMalcus Rebirth on fire by ElenaDudina. by proxi-mity
MoonLight Queen by LevanaTempest Patience - Oil Painting by Artman225

    Science can be fun by Real-SonkeS My Neighbor Boletus by Morgainelefee Compassion by ronmonroe   Sun Kissed by XRlS Fangy monster by AlMaNeGrA    Radseri Spiritfriend by Ranarh <da:thumb id="398599988"/> Untitled by Ev-sta Easy Way by tatasz D R E A M S by Valentina-Remenar Of Flame and Blood by neverdying  <da:thumb id="392949037"/> Mononoke by lepyoshka                                      'OLD MAN' graphite drawing by Pen-Tacular-Artist   Glasses in the dark IV by Panda-kiddie   To The Top by arisV8       The Lost City by tamowicz     <da:thumb id="400614295"/> Lordly Rocks by Venlian The man who wished to become a dragon pilot by JWiesner                                            Zephir by Jennyeight                                     Summer Love by TEMPERATE-SAGE Happy fall3 by MDDahl   Revelations by PetyaPlamenova   Oriental tale:) by Katrin-Elizabeth
  Homeless Angel by XRlS
<da:thumb id="335639394"/> Angel by Lidias93  
  Black Pea by thefreshdoodle The Huntsman by TitusBoy25
Katniss Everdeen: the Mockingjay by Inna-Vjuzhanina Nightbringer. Shadow demon. by AlMaNeGrA   Bono (U2) by AmBr0 
                                                      Prayer by JdelNido    Milla Jovovich by AmBr0  Go to school by toniart57 Historias Negras by Anacorreal Fruitful Holiday by kelch12 The Submarine by iyandejesus
Okami Amaterasu by JoJoesArt Each night meeting by Sugarflesh Prophecy (Genesis) by olejny Snow White (Leopard) by kelch12
New York Is Burning by Secr3tDesign  

Mature Content

Heal Thyself by Saidge42

Winter Lament by Tolkyes  
Nevermore by JdelNido  one last kiss before dying by proxi-mity  
Soft and romantic rose by FrancescaDelfino  Intelepciunea-i by a14onymus
Skull Love by pbird12  

Mature Content

Angel by hikoo

~ Monster - Stories ~ by ChristianGerth   Mermaid's Song by MariannaInsomnia 
  Painting: Attia Of The Julii  (Series - Rome) by Romeoartist  
leopard by MSamsonov Serene by Gilraen-Taralom Winter's Temptation by Ameryn  The Queen of Roses by TodesBrot Piercing Eyes Drawing by chrisbaggott  

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Large Traditional Journal Feature

Journal Entry: Tue May 13, 2014, 5:05 PM

The Three Menaces by dzaet<da:thumb id="302796230"/> Mujer Invierno by Rz00

Sylph by Evanira Morose by Burdfeet

Don't Look Back by shapudl Why So Serious? by MisterSnapple  Jon Bon Jovi - 08 version by akaLilith Ryan Ross by Cynthia-Blair Self Portrait 2008 by crossrhythm Paul Newman by Hongmin Diminutive joy by youngmoons <da:thumb id="92403988"/> The Lost Prophecy by tripperfunster     Azumi by Per-Svanstrom Purity by Arteddy A Butterfly's Eye by Haych Sexual Healing by sofora Dr House by Wicked-Illusion    passion for mysteries by icarosteel Shadow of a smile by Softdeath o0 Natalie Portman 0o by o0Lillo0o      Mutya Buena by violintrick    Jun Natsukawa - FORBIDDEN by KLSADAKO

frustration by gzertkl Veil - New Scan by Dragonda Shade by ThePix Mischa Barton 2 by juliablanco <da:thumb id="94002598"/> Guinevere - Keira Knightley by akaLilith Heath Ledger - A Legend by InsaneKane87 Hilary Duff by o0Lillo0o controlling the human mind by icarosteel Gabe Saporta  Cobra Starship by Cynthia-Blair Kate Moss portrait I by LinnetRose 6th Portrait - Harisu by manany Float Like a Butterfly by astarvinartist Mind Pollution by TanjaGotthardsen Padme: Bride by Callista1981 morning sun by Vive-Le-Rock
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by astarvinartist   Tuomas Holopainen by prialanis  Tom Kaulitz - Tokio Hotel - II by fernandasabaudo   Kurt Cobain II by sunshine-07     Valentine - 'Redemption' by ffxauron   Wedding Padme Part Two by khinson winter by BlueAngel271183       The Hope by Wicked-Illusion  

John Butler by caseythornton   Charlize Theron by brianv948 will smith as Hancock by gzertkl     

  • Listening to: White Noise
  • Reading: Miss Peregrine\'s Home For Peculiar Children
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Chess
  • Eating: Savannah Chopped Saled
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Promote the Contest and Win Points!  Join the Club and Win monthly contests promoting your artworks in Digital, Traditional and Photography Mediums.

Thematic Folder MAY_FLOWERs - WIN POINTS

The Monthly Theme: MAY_FLOWERs

Monthly Theme: MAY_FLOWERsHello dear members :wave:
Our Group is again a Super Group, so we are able to use the Poll System again.
Mixing the previous idea (the Poll Folder) with the new Thematic folder we have a better way to expose your works - The Monthly Theme Folder
Prepare to have some fun, have your work featured and win a prize.

All media works old or new will be accepted as long they contain a flower or a floral motif.
You may submit one work per week starting on the 1st May until the 20th.
For every 10 works a poll will be posted.
The rules will be the same as the previous POLL PERIOD with few exceptions and you may find them here .
Your piece may be old or new.
1. Click HERE to submit your work. It can be old or new (if it is in the g
Blue Dreaming by Egil21

Hello Hi!

Welcome to our Thematic Folder!
I hope you enjoy to submit here :D (Big Grin)

Bullet; Green This folder will be open every month (to any visual medium) with a new theme (all dates for submissions will be announced on our blog, also pay attention to the contdown on the left top of this page);

Bullet; Green This folder will accept old or new works, but they have to fit the theme;

Bullet; Green If you have participated in a previous theme you can participate again (even if you won a prize) and you have the opportunity to submit one work per week. ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO ENTER!

Bullet; Green Choose one of your works (no matter the medium used nor the date of submission to dA) and click the submit button :) (Smile)

How to submit to a group?

All info here…

Bullet; Green Every time we reach 10 submitted works, a poll will be posted. There will be polls while there are members wanting to enter. Each poll has 10 slots.
YOU MAY FIND ALL POLLS HERE thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… ;

Bullet; Green On the 25th each month it will be posted the Final Voting (in a blog and not in a poll) on that period - the most voted 20 works of all polls are here to be voted and the most voted then wins the prize (so every vote will count!)!
Note: If your work is in this Final Voting you should cast your votes or you aren't eligible to win any of the prizes;

Bullet; Green Prizes:

1st place - 130 Points
2nd place - 80 Points
3rd place - 50 Points
4th place - 25 Points

Don't forget, you may ask your friends and watchers to vote for you;

The Thematic Folder is a way to expose your work involving as many people as it can be possible - exposure is the main idea.

Mind the dates please.
On the 25th each month it will be posted the Final Voting (in a blog and not in a poll) on that period - the most voted 20 works of all polls are here to be voted and the most voted then wins the prize (so every vote will count!).

You will be chosen by your fellow deviants. You may ask for votes from your watchers and friends - this is a game for exposure, not really a contest, so if many people see the works in the polls, everyone is going to get that exposure.
Even if you win, you may submit again in the next theme.

Dance! HAVE FUN!

:iconthefavouriteshowcase: loves Heart to feature you!



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  • Watching: Game of Thrones
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Colors of Renewal WINNERS!

Journal Entry: Tue May 13, 2014, 2:10 PM

The Traditional and Digital Art Winners!!

Time-lapse II by luisbc

Hi! Hello dear members and friends of TheFavouriteShowcase

Today is the time to reveal our winners on the Digital Art Category and on the Traditional Art Category of our Contest "The Thematic Colours of Renewal".

:iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: by :iconthefavouriteshowcase:

Traditional Art Category

1st Place Winner

Congrats to TrollGirl  :icontrollgirl:

The Colors Of Renewal by TrollGirl

With 14 votes wins 1000 Points 
+ 100 Points for mentioning the contest in the work description (artist's comments)

2nd Place Winner

Congrats to ISG-Art   :iconisg-art:

Springtime by ISG-Art

With 9 votes wins 500 Points 
+ 100 Points for mentioning the contest in the work description (artist's comments)

The 3 most voted after the winners were :


by Badusev 

Frogs drawing by Ilojleen

by Ilojleen 

and BIRDS DO IT, BEES DO IT... by Badusev

by Badusev 

Digital Art Category

1st Place Winner

Congrats to Wesley-Souza :iconwesley-souza:

Island of the Hummingbirds by Wesley-Souza

With 19 votes wins 1000 Points 
+ 100 Points for mentioning the contest in the work description (artist's comments)

2nd Place Winner

Congrats to SayuriMVRomei :iconsayurimvromei:

April by SayuriMVRomei

With 13 votes wins 500 Points 
+ 100 Points for mentioning the contest in the work description (artist's comments)

The 3 most voted after the winners were :

Play with me by coby01

by coby01 

Sun by blacklady-vip

by blacklady-vip 

by BeccaB-323 

The 3 most voted works after the winners of all categories will enter the Deviant's Choice where every member of dA can choose their favourite. The poll will be posted soon and the most voted piece wins 500 Points and more 100 Points if 
had mentioned the contest in the work description (artist's comments) - don't edit now please, I know which are the ones with the mentions.

As in the past years, those who didn't vote are not eligible to win and unfortunately some votes were wasted. All participants were noted to vote, I'm sorry they didn't had the time to do it...Anyway below you may find all works entering these two categories. 

Contest Journal Contest The Colours of Renewal 2014 CLOSED:icontransparentplz:
Contest - The Colours of Renewal 2014*
Hello to all members of TheFavouriteShowcase
As usual, as we celebrate our anniversary (4 years :aww: now) the time for our contest has come!
It's the renewal season, after a cold, damp, grey Winter (I know, not in the South Hemisphere - but you continue to have good weather there so you will be with the right mood to participate too).
Let's welcome the Sun, the blue skies, the warm weather with our annual contest "The Colours of Renewal"!
What do I want to see on this 4th contest?
The same as the previous years:
Vibrant colours! Warming sensations! Brightness! Joy!
Again we are welcoming "The Colours of Renewal" and you can participate with Traditional Art, Digital Art and Photography.
Only members can participate, so if you aren't a member just join us.
Take in consideration that this is a contest - to be fair, YOU (who are participating) have to vot

The winners will also get features on

TheFavouriteShowcase's blog.
Egil21's journal.
sesam-is-open's journal
passion-aesthete's journal
Roses-to-Ashes's journal
DD-ELITE's blog
Angelles-LaVeau's journal

Note to all Participants: 

The voting is disclosed now but some contesters voted by note.
If you have some questions or want to know how many votes you got just let me know.

All works entering the Contest - Traditional Category

Renewal's Carnival by Ashaisha   Frogs drawing by Ilojleen

  The Colors Of Renewal by TrollGirl  Colours of Renewal Contest 1 (traditional work) by Lou-in-Canada  Spring by Sweet-Lynn

CHERRY BLOSSOMS by Badusev  [Contest entry] Persephone - The return of Spring by akatsuki2008  

BIRDS DO IT, BEES DO IT... by Badusev   Springtime by ISG-Art

SPRING IN FESMANOVO by Badusev  Sunset by defectivebarbie  Spring's First Love by StephAnneIllustrate

Little Tiger by Lorello Autumn feeling by EvgenyAverin Felix by Lorello

Sing for me by XRlS    Smells Sweet by lemgras330

[Contest entry] Gaia - The Mother Earth's Rebirth by akatsuki2008  Colours of Renewal 3 by Lou-in-Canada  Wild by MountainIllusions

WOODWORK - HERE COMES THE SUN by b-Dedi    Giraffe by LauraMel

Barfing Bouquets by Ethan-Cruz      Tribal Flowers by Ethan-Cruz

Arrow - Finger Paint by Lorello  BUNNY'S *EGGS* :) by b-Dedi  Visual angle (repainted) by EvgenyAverin

Where Boats are Cars 2014 by ArielRGH   Colours of Renewal Contest 2 - Spring Shower by Lou-in-Canada

All works entering the Contest - Digital Category

Sun by blacklady-vip  Play with me by coby01  

  Painted Butterfly by MyOnlyRainbow  Colors of Renewal by mpcreates

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Easter Bench by annewipf  First Summer Beauty by coby01  Strawberry fields by Elsapret

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Journal Entry: Tue May 13, 2014, 9:06 AM

black heart bullet by to-much-a-thing Who are Angels Without Wings?

They are fellow deviants who:
Bullet; Black regularly feature other deviants,
Bullet; Black are always willing to give tips and helpful comments,
Bullet; Black answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get,
Bullet; Black give kind and uplifting words whenever they see it's needed,
Bullet; Black feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support or help,
Bullet; Black take the time to suggest DDs on a regular basis,
Bullet; Black take the time to suggest seniority every now and then,
Bullet; Black give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not),
Bullet; Black do whatever other helpful, kind, supporting action you might think of.

You can read all about the AWW Project HERE.

Every fortnight, three deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and will get featured by Nameda and her fellow 'Gangstas of love' (in alphabetical order):