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Saurva-Geisha of Broken Hearts

By AngelERenoir
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Happy Birthday to me. This is my gift to myself, because... *pfft* I need an incentive to work on my new AV-verse daevas.... *BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* :iconyesvictoryplz:

[This next section is only for those who are familiar with Aveyond. Skip to next dotted line if you aren't.]
Hey there oldies and newbies to my crazy Aveyond fanon-verse. Let me reintroduce Saurva. You know, the daeva holding Eithera's soul and lurking in Lampland in Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest? We on the same page now? Good.

Warning: All these are fanon by me. NOT canon.

In a nutshell, he's a daeva who can shapeshift into pretty much anything, but has little control over the transformation. Also, as per AV1 the guy is completely scatterbrained that he forgets his own species and/or gender time after time. So... it's not a surprise if he one day turns into a Chocobo or something.

This picture right here? Is young(er) Saurva when he still has control over what he transforms into and he's not woo-woo yet. This is his "favourite" face (his real face is yet to be revealed). He... used to wander around being Casanova, hence the title. I don't take credit for that phrase, by the way. It's from DJ Mystik's song "Japanese Girl".

He has dozens of kids scattered all over Demon Realm - and human world too, for that matter - though so far nobody managed to catch him to demand child support payment yet. The good thing about being able to change your face at will, y'know? Not that he knows or care about any of them kids anyway, except for this one kid that he absolutely have to bear with. He conveniently had a mysterious accident that turned him into the woo-woo scatterbrained guy that he is, so his relationship with the poor kid is... interesting. That is, when he actually remembers who the kid is.

His crazy tangle with Indra is a story for another time.

What, didn't I mention that he's sort-of-but-not-really "dating" Indra? As per AV1, that is. Post-AV1 situation is also a story for another time, because I don't like ranting about things that aren't relevant to the deviation in question.

And thus ends this medium-length section on my revamped Saurva. The new version of my daevas are all messed up people, and Agas is probably the sanest of them all. Because he's underage and too young to be messed up.
On to technical stuff. I couldn't find any photo samples of a kimono slipping off someone's shoulder so I had to just wing it. It's bugging me because I cannot stand not having a reference for things like this. I'm just that OCD about things >.<

I do not like drawing buff, muscled men. Saurva is the most muscle-y of the "my" guy characters and I really don't like drawing him because of that. Still, a little practice every now and then won't hurt.

And eyepatch makes hot character look sexier :love:

In ye olde times the term geisha is used for MEN entertainers/performers. The women only started calling themselves geisha around late 1700s. So yeah. The title is super-fitting.
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>.< kyaa! he looks so hot!
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daeva fanart again! yay!
happy birthday by the way, (where was i? OO)

'Not that he knows or care about any of them kids anyway, except for this one kid that he absolutely have to bear with;
Q- did you introduce the 'kid' before, or is s/he a new unknown character? because if you did, i want to take a guess ^^
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The kid? That's a secret. Feel free to take a guess, though :D

Which reminds me, I forgot to mention that Saurva's conquests aren't limited to Demon Realm. I'll go add that to the rant now.
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can't think up anyone....
not limited to the demon realm? that cassanova...
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What? You said you want to guess! :XD:

Yes, Saurva IS that bad when he was young :D It's a good thing he stopped, because sooner or later he'll get caught and then it would be troublesome.
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hmmm, one of the daevas??
(probably is IMO)
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