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This is Agas. He has a light saber. Not.

Okay, rant mode on.

That glowy sword is a Sword of Power, about the same level of the Sword of Shadows. The only reason why it's so simple-looking, unlike my design for Sword of Shadows, is because I was lazy and tired. So, the Sword of Shadows is super-special-powerful-awesome. This one is too. They're like "twin swords". If Uma and Nox were swords, then Uma would be this sword and Nox would be the Sword of Shadows. Think of it that way.

Agas can use the sword because he cheated. Or rather, the other daevas cheated, but whatever. Point is, under normal circumstances he shouldn't be able to use the sword.

So that still-unnamed sword is glowy because it's in "release" mode. All swords of power, in my head, goes all glowy when being used, so it's really nothing special. Agas' mark on his face is now white instead of black. It's the mark of the sword. Sort of. It only pops up when the sword is powered up.

The sword is only partially released in this picture. When it's fully released, Agas himself would be all glowy too. And scary. And weird-looking. Because he's all glowy. I should draw that sometimes. But it's so hard to.drawing the glow right is tricky.

This is Pre-AV1 to AV1. Post-AV1 he had to give up the glowy sword, under the Oracle's orders. Not that he really minded, because that sword was literally a pain for him to have. The sword's magic affects his own magic and it's so super-powerful that he has to wear seals/limiters so that he won't blow stuff up accidentally. He gets two new swords some time after that, but that's a rant for another time.

Yes, the Sword of Shadows in my head is about as powerful as this one. It's not that this sword is more powerful, but as I Said, the daevas cheated in order to make Agas use this sword. Whatever it is that they did made the magic act up weirdly and become unpredictable so they had to seal it up. Well, they usually leave at least one seal open so Agas can still use magic. It kinda made him weaker than he really is, but hey. Still better than him blowing stuff up left and right.

In-game AV1, I imagine he has 3 seals unlocked. 3 out of 6, and Dreamworld has less restrictions on demon magic than human world does so that's why he's strong and hard to defeat.
The BG is lame because I haven't figured out a nice design yet. I'm so confused. Sometimes simple is best, but this is so blank and boring! I should at least add some patterns. Like maybe circles or Celtic knots or whatever. Boo, designs are so hard to come up with sometimes.

Agas' pretty face and nonsense backstory (c) me
His character (c) Amaranth games.
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it's really amazing how you come up with the stories and the art...
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You'll be surprised how half of this started out as a joke.

The whole glow-mode thingy started out as "Hey, it's totally gonna be funny if Agas sparkles". And then somehow it ends up being this.